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Default SLOW Case Break: 2012 Chrome (box-by-box, in progress)

Sorry in advance! My case came in from BO, but I just got back from vacation, so I'm breaking it in between doing stuff like unpacking and watching my 3 crazy little kids.

I'll break box-by-box, and list it with no photos for now (unless I get a major hit), due to time constraints.

In the interest of not spamming, I'll try to just edit this original post, and not spam to the top all the time. Therefore, if you're interested check back and see the rest of the boxes. I hope to finish this by tomorrow afternoon, work and kids permitting.

All will be for sale. I'm fair so shoot me a PM with a reasonable offer or ask me for prices and I'll do my best to get to you quick. Also, give me wants/needs lists if you want.

Without further ado:

BOX 1:

Key Base Rookies: RGIII
Key Refractors: Russell Wilson, Isaiah Pead
Pink: Frank Gore
Camo: Steve Smith
Other: Josh Freeman Sepia /99
Auto: Jarius Wright base

BOX 2:

Key Base Rookies: R. Wilson, D. Martin
Key Refractors: David Wilson,
Pink: Zach Brown
Camo: Michael Turner
Other: Tom Brady Prism /216, Alex Smith Blue /199, 1984 RGIII
Auto: Michael Egnew base

BOX 3:

Key Base Rookies: Tannehill, A. Jeffery, Foles, Claiborne, Weeden, Richardson, Luck
Key Refractors: Troy Polamalu, Chris Rainey
Pink: Marshawn Lynch
Camo: Greg Jennings
Other: Cam Newton Blue /199, Darren Sproles Sepia /99
Auto: Alshon Jeffery base

BOX 4:

Key Base Rookies: Jenkins, Osweiler, D. Martin, S Hill,
Key Refractors: Ryan Broyles, Gronk,
Pink: Arian Foster
Camo: ---
Other: Kellen Moore Black /299, Andre Johnson Blue /199, Jason PierrePaul Prism /216
Auto: Lamar Miller Camo /105!

BOX 5:

Key Base Rookies: Osweiler, D Martin,
Key Refractors: Coby Fleener
Pink: Wes Welker
Camo: Andy Dalton
Other: Trent Richardson Black /299, Ryan Matthews Sepia /99, Torrey Smith Prism /216
Auto: Devier Posey base

BOX 6 (Halfway Grade = C):

Key Base Rookies: Russell Wilson, Blackmon, RGIII,
Key Refractors: Doug Martin,
Pink: Dwayne Bowe
Camo: Matt Stafford
Other: Andy Dalton Prism /216,
Auto: Travis Benjamin refractor /178 (who?)

BOX 7:

Key Base Rookies: Blackmon, RG III, R Wilson,
Key Refractors: David Wilson, Aaron Rodgers,
Pink: - - -
Camo: Dirty Sanchez
Other: Matt Stafford Blue (/199), Von Miller Prism (/216)
Auto: Phil Simms Rookie Reprint Refractor!

BOX 8:

Key Base Rookies: Richardson, Weeden, Tannehill, Foles, Luck
Key Refractors: Adrian Peterson, Greg Childs, Brock Osweiler,
Pink: Discount Doublecheck Matthews,
Camo: Ahmad Bradshaw
Other: Doug Martin 84 Refractor /99, Steven Jackson Prism /216, Devier Posey RED /25
Auto: Brock Osweiler 1957 Reprint Refractor

BOX 9:

Key Base Rookies: Jeffery, Claiborne, Weeden, Tannehill, Foles, Luck
Key Refractors: Eli Manning, Trent Richardson,
Pink: Randy Moss
Camo: Hakeem Nicks
Other: Stephen Hill Tallboy Refractor /99, Russell Wilson Black /299,
Auto: Michael Egnew Black /25

BOX 10:

Key Base Rookies: D Martin, Osweiler,
Key Refractors: - - -
Pink: Demarcus Ware
Camo: Dez Bryant
Other: Von Miller Sepia /99,
Auto: Dre Kirkpatrick base REDEMPTION

BOX 11:

Key Base Rookies: D Martin, Osweiler,
Key Refractors: Peyton Manning,
Pink: Steven Jackson
Camo: Vernon Davis
Other: Reggie Wayne Sepia /99, Lamar Miller Black /299
Auto: Dontari Poe refractor /178

BOX 12:

Key Base Rookies: R Wilson, Blackmon, RG III
Key Refractors: LaMichael James
Pink: - - -
Camo: Michael Vick
Other: Greg Jennings Blue /199, 1957 Stephen Hill /99, Blaine Gabbert Sepia /99
Auto: Dontari Poe base

And... that's all she wrote. First Case ever, not super great. Oh well, win some, lose some. Wasn't as fun as I expected, but that's probably because there wasn't any awesome hits. I'd say final grade on this particular case is probably a B-minus. Not awful, but not great.

Good: 4 RGIII base RC, 3 Luck base RC. Decent amount of insert RGIII + Luck (4+). Fun to get an insert or refractor in almost every pack. Decent amount of color, although not as much as my luck with baseball.

Bad: Right hits, wrong players often. Most autos were awful. No Supers or Patch cards (shot in the dark hits, obviously). One redemption = one blue wave pack.

Ugly: Now I have to sort though all of this. And I have to find the rookie variation. I know it's not Luck/RGIII, so is it even worth looking for? Oh well, as mentioned above, all is for sale, otherwise most will end up on ebay/COMC soon enough... I'll PM those who asked for stuff tomorrow. Thanks!

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Good Luck Bro
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Good Luck! PM me on any andrew luck you get!
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Interested in Josh Freeman Refractor Variations (Could already use the Sepia Ref. in the 1st box) PM ME with what you end up with. Thanks
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Old 11-13-2012, 10:45 PM   #6 (permalink)
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would like a chance at any rueben randles you may get
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2nd Half Coming Up!
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Can u pm me prices on polamalu and Rainey refractors, Richardson black and Benjamin auto?
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Good luck with the second half of the case and let me know anymore Browns, Steelers and Raiders u get
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Some nice scores there bud, grats!!!
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Pm me a price on the Dre Kirkpatrick redemption. Thanks
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Need that Johnson blue and a list of any other Johnson's not listed if any, thanks.
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Thanks guys! I think I got back to everyone (via PM) who asked for something, so if you didn't see a PM from me, let me know. I'll try to get all orders/requests in the mail tomorrow or Friday.

And if anyone else needs anything, just ask!

I think this was the first and last case break for me. It almost felt like WORK opening these packs, sorting the cards, and putting some up for sale instead of the rush I usually get when its just a few boxes. I think even if I got a slammin' card, it would lose it's lustre a bit just due to the sheer magnitude of the break. Whew.

Anything else not requested by you guys will probably end up on COMC. Thanks!
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i know some one who needs that Simms..........
tons of refs,need one just ask
same id everywhere,ebay,freaks,scf,beckett to name a few......
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Send a message via Yahoo to rtaylor16

i need lucks wilson and martins please pm me
anyone we buy from please leave feedback
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Can you give me a lot price on the pink refractors please. I'm trying to do the set
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Can you shoot me a price on that Reggie Wayne Sepia??
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