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Default 1 pack 2009 Absolute Football

Ok, so My local had a bunch of unopened boxes of 2009 Playoff ABsolute Football and 1 opened box...decided to get a pack, and he hands me the opened box...3 of the 4 packs are still in there so as I look at them, the white sticker on the edge comes undone on all 3 of them, when I picked up a pack, the bottom white sticker comes undone. first thought is that they were tampered with or searched. I trust my local guy though, so I bought the pack I picked up anyway. Well, I get to my car and open the flap and look and the cards are packed in a clear cellophane you can easily see the thickness (I knew I had an auto and not a GU card) and you can see who the top and bottom card is.

So I thought about returning the pack and asking for a refund, but again, since I trust my local, I decided to open it up...

Top card-Matt Ryan base card
2nd card-EVander Hood RC #247/499
Bottom card - Derrick Ward base card

and the hit.....

Marion Barber III Spectrum Auto

so not least I've heard of him....
then I flipped it over....

1 of 1....Gonna hit the bay soon.....
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Nice not bad at all for 1 pack, Congrats
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I wouldn't worry about the Packs in Absolute. A lot of them the stickers were coming off them when the box was opened so it looked like someone had already opened them. Nice Barber
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Nice! someone will pay a pretty penny for that.
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at least you can still trust your dealer! MOST CANT
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