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Thumbs up Nice early birthday present!!!!!

My Mom was on vacation in Orlando, FL and picked me up a couple of boxes and some packs for an early birthday present! Had an awesome time opening the stuff and really appreciate all that she does for me

Here is the breakdown:

3 Packs of Prizm Football
3 Packs of Topps Prime Football
1 Box of 2013 Topps Platinum
3 Packs of 2013 Topps Update Baseball
1 Box of 2013 Topps Triple Threads Baseball

She got 3 of each of these products: Prime Football, Prizm Football, and Update Baseball.

Out of three packs of Prizm football she pulled an auto (Marquise Goodwin) and an awesome Cordarrelle Patterson Gold Prizm 09/10! A few months back she got 3 packs of prizm and pulled a Gold Prizm of Ryan Tannehill /10! She has some great luck especially when it comes to Prizm! Everything else you see is what I pulled. The two Topps Prime hits came from three packs. The Ellington football is /10! Great time to pull that. In the box of platinum got a case hit, Christine Michael 3 color patch /59. Triple Threads wasn't that good the autos were meh but what really irritates me was that both of them are redemptions. The Didi is /75 and the Rondon is /50. The GU hits were nice, a great time to pull the Pedroia 9/9! Thanks for reading all of this if you did haha!

Full Breakdown:

Mom's 3 Packs of Prizm: Cordarrelle Patterson Gold Prizm 09/10 and Marquise Goodwin Rookie Auto. The rest of her packs had nothing of note.

My 3 Packs of Prizm: Theo Riddick Rookie Auto

My 3 Packs of Topps Prime: Knile Davis 4 Piece Jersey Rookie Auto /449 and a sweet Andre Ellington Football 06/10!

2013 Topps Platinum Box: Zach Line Rookie Auto, Chris Harper Blue Refractor Rookie Auto 58/99, (Case Hit) Christine Michael 3 Color Jumbo Patch 36/59, and lastly a nice Montee Ball 1 Color Patch Auto 39/99

2013 Topps Triple Threads Baseball: Paul Molitor Jumbo Bat Relic 13/18, Dustin Pedroia 2 Color Patch 9/9!!!, Didi Gregorius Unity Auto Jumbo Relic Sapphire Parallel ??/75 REDEMPTION , and finally Bruce Rondon Future Phenom Auto Relic Emerald Parallel ??/50 REDEMPTION

Thanks for reading!
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Great stuff! Moms are usually very supportive in this hobby
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Good stuff man

I remember when my mother used to bring home '81 Topps Football so I could try to make the Redskins set (I was 7 at the time). Pulled an Art Monk Rookie, and was hooked ever since.

Those packs didn't break the bank back then
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Old 10-29-2013, 02:39 PM   #4 (permalink)
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Very cool, and happy birthday!

The Ellington is well-timed given his performance on Sunday, and the Pedroia is a great hit, particularly if the Sox win the WS.

Nice stuff!
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Nice! Happy birthday bud....happy to see you got some stuff from Orlando Sports Cards! Kendall is a great guy :-)
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do you need patriots for red sox???
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NICE GRAB!!! You hit a lot for the number of packs!!!
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Old 11-09-2013, 04:04 AM   #8 (permalink)
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Nice hits. Did u get any ribbons out of the platinum? If so pm me about them please
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Nice C. Patt. This story remind me of when I was young, my dad went out to Colorado alot, to go on fishing and Hunting trips. He would always bring me back some packs/box of cards. Remember the best time, he ran into a a full box of 89 Upper Deck. Man was I happy. Congrats, you got a cool mom!!
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nasty b-day hits!!!!

Check out my cards ....,sh,i12
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