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Default 2012 Upper Deck SPx Football

I don't see a single person doing any breaks with this product. Is it junk? And what's with Andrew Luck being left out of this year's SPx product?
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I did a few packs and did well. I have noticed certain rc players sell for a decent amount
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Luck is exclusive to Press Pass for non NFL licensed cards
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Originally Posted by imbaked247 View Post
I did a few packs and did well. I have noticed certain rc players sell for a decent amount
you watched me get killed on my box of SPx at your shop in Cali.

the problem is that BO and UD aren't on the best terms right now, so BO gets to sell UD products online very late in the cycle. their brick and mortar store in VA can sell UD products, but the online sales are delayed due to some bad blood or some such.

so since BO doesn't sell much online, lots of people don't post their breaks since they didn't get it from BO (not saying you break threads should only be BO products)

also, SPx has been out "forever" so the new car smell has worn off. And the breaks weren't all that great. And no Luck since UD can't pay the people they have signing already.
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only luck auto is that redemption thats in either spx or ud..cant recall which now but 2011 ud and 2012 i chase those rcs cause of the college look. most people hate it
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I did very well with SPX this year. Loved the jersey/autos in the product. Hit a few RG3s and a few triple auto/triple jerseys (#d to 3 each). But, haven't seen any around since right before the season. This will be a product that I'll go back and buy if available.
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You can still buy it on Blowout

SP Authentic comes out later this month as well

As Clarka3 said, UD isn't big on BO as it is on other sites
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