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Tris 10-05-2013 06:00 PM

2012 exquisite break
Busted 1 tin good price. Happy with the rookie. Kid looks good.






And what I think is the hit of the break

RPA gold /50

sunsfan8 10-05-2013 06:09 PM

Wow, that's....... Terrible. Sorry, man.

Tris 10-05-2013 06:14 PM

[QUOTE=sunsfan8;5829280]Wow, that's....... Terrible. Sorry, man.[/QUOTE]

That's it you win some you lose some. A bunch of $15-40 cards. Think I'll hold on to the wright and ditch the rest.

sljock53 10-06-2013 03:56 AM

ill take a price on that Teo

factionu 10-06-2013 05:23 AM

Price on the teo

WhoDatNation 10-06-2013 08:36 AM

Price on the Cannon?

Tuckertrader 10-06-2013 10:31 AM

Price on Walker please?

patsfan52 10-06-2013 10:47 AM

yuk thats afull

dhendrix1303 10-06-2013 11:17 AM

Price on Walker gold auto, thanks

raw5060 10-06-2013 12:39 PM

You need to go back and buy the last box!

Shinypsptitans 10-06-2013 10:51 PM

Im interested in Kendall!

jsnake89 10-11-2013 12:09 AM

Price on that Kendall.

markgriffey 10-11-2013 02:17 AM

How much for the tin?

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