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Clarka3 07-17-2012 06:52 PM

wtb/wttf Luke Kuechly- supercollecting
He's a local Cincy kid so he's going to be my first supercollection project in the hobby.

This is my 2nd thread on the subject. I re-made it because I made a stupid spelling mistake on his name in the title of my previous one.

[B]So take a look at the list below and see if I have what you have already. This first post is my 2012 checklist and needs. The 2nd post is 2013 checklist and needs, so check there if you have 2013 items please.[/B]

here's what I've got either in hand or incoming.

[B]Total Collection Stats (2012 rookie year, 2013 2nd year, and 2014 3rd year) as of 9/11/2014: 586/1038 = [COLOR="Red"]57%[/COLOR]
Rookie Year only stats (2012) as of 9/11/2014: 390/555 = [COLOR="red"]70%[/COLOR]
2nd Year only stats (2013) as of 9/11/2014: 136/299 = [COLOR="red"]46%[/COLOR]
3rd Year only stats (2014) as of 9/11/2014: 58/184 = [COLOR="Red"]32%[/COLOR]

Total Collection 1/1 stats as of 9/11/2014: 30/312 = [COLOR="Red"]10%[/COLOR]
Total Collection Stats (2012 Rookie Year, 2013 2nd year, an 2014 3rd year) minus missing 1/1s (282 missing) as of 9/11/2014: 586/756 = [COLOR="red"]77%[/COLOR] [/B]

here's my collection in picture format: [url=]Kuechly PC pictures by I_am_Ender_Wiggin - Photobucket[/url]

Odd cards (no major set)
Primetime Sports /10
Bowman base RC "Geekly Kuechly" custom by nfin8e's daughter
Sports Masterpiece sketch card 1/1 sepia
Sports Masterpiece sketch card 1/1 blue
Sports Masterpiece sketch card 1/1 full color

[COLOR="Red"][B]2012 Sage Hit[/B][/COLOR] - finished minus plates
Hit Base #63
Hit Base #40
Hit base silver parallel #40
Hit base silver parallel #63
Hit Base gold parallel #40
Hit base gold parallel #63
Hit base red parallel #40
Hit base red parallel #63
Red auto
Gold auto 1/250
Silver auto
Magenta plate 1/1 :flex:

[b]need: 3 plates[/b]

[B][COLOR="red"]2012 Sage Autographed[/COLOR][/B] - finished
Base #30
Blue signature 49/50
Gold Signature 29/100
Red signature
Grey signature

[COLOR="Blue"][B]2012 Press Pass[/B][/COLOR]
Silver Base
Gold Base Parallel
Blue base Parallel
Base reflector 'Holofoil' 288/299
Gold reflector 'Proof Edition' 9/100
Base "Solo" reflector (missing 1/1 stamp strangely) :flex:
Silver Base auto
Gold variant auto 123/199
Bronze Auto variant 43/99
Blue auto variant 34/50
Green auto variant 3/15
[B]need red autos /15[/B]

[COLOR="blue"][B]2012 Press Pass Fanfare[/B][/COLOR]
Gold base auto
2/99 bronze variant auto
bronze /99 red ink auto
58/199 blue variant auto
4/25 purple red ink auto
23/25 purple variant auto
/10 red variant red ink auto /8 (according to checklist)
[B]Red and Green autos 8/10, black 1/1 [/B]

[B][COLOR="Red"]2012 Press Pass Showcase [/COLOR][/B]- finished minus a 1/1 that hasn't surfaced yet.
Variant 3/5 auto
Variant 3/10 auto
Variant 34/50 auto
Variant 1/149 auto
Variant 108/149 red ink auto
Variant 78/149 'Go Eagles' inscription auto
Variant 44/299 'Go Eagles' inscription auto
Variant 117/299 red ink auto
Variant 220/299 auto
[b]need 1/1 melted[/b]

[COLOR="Red"][B]2012 Leaf Draft[/B] [/COLOR](including leaf metal) -
Red Base
Blue base parallel
Gold base parallel
Black base custom 39/200
Red base retail auto
blue base retail auto
Base metal auto
Silver parallel (?) Auto 5/99
Blue parallel auto 13/25
purple parallel auto 24/25
Green parallel auto 4/10
Black printing plate 1/1 :flex:

[b] need red /5 auto
Prismatic Gold auto /1
Prismatic White auto /1[/b]

[B][COLOR="Red"]2012 Leaf Young Stars[/COLOR][/B] - done
LK1 base auto
base card
Magenta plate auto 1/1 :flex:
Cyan plate auto 1/1 :flex:
Black plate auto 1/1 :flex:

[COLOR="Red"][B]2012 Leaf Ultimate Draft[/B][/COLOR] - done minus plates
Numeration auto 40/40
Base bronze auto
Auto 14/25 inscription
Auto 3/25
Auto 7/10
Auto 5/5
Magenta plate 1/1 :flex:
Cyan numeration plate 1/1 :flex:

[COLOR="red"][B]Leaf Valiant[/B][/COLOR]- DONE minus 1/1s
Green base parallel auto
Blue parallel auto 76/99
Gold parallel auto 10/10 auto
Purple parallel auto 24/25
Black parallel auto 2/5
1/1 magenta plate auto :flex:
1/1 cyan plate auto :flex:


Red 1/1 auto[/b]

[COLOR="red"][B]2012 Bowman[/B][/COLOR] - done minus plates and red auto /15
All American insert
Accolades insert
Accolades insert Auto
Helmet refractor Auto
All American auto
Base RC (blue)
Base RC purple parallel
Base RC gold parallel
silver RC 81/99
green RC 19/25

red auto /15

[B][COLOR="Red"]2012 Upper Deck [/COLOR][/B]- DONE
Letterman E 9/45
Letterman A 32/45
Letterman G 37/45
Letterman L 17/45
Letterman E 21/45
Letterman S 33/45
93 foil SP
Ultimate Rookie 165/450
Star Rookies #235 auto
sepia Star Rookies 7/10
Star Rookies 235 non auto
93 SP group C foil auto

[B][COLOR="red"]2012 Upper Deck SPX[/COLOR][/B] missed out on the Radiance 1/1, otherwise finished as far as i know
Signature Supremacy auto
Rookie auto 48/225
Tier 2 rookie 206/299
Radiance Finite RC 20/50
[b] need radiance 1/1- sold on ebay[/b]

[COLOR="red"][B]2012 Panini Prestige[/B][/COLOR] - done minus plates?
Base RC
Base auto 135/799
Prestigious Picks insert gold
Prestigious Picks black 20/25
prestigious picks platinum 1/10
Extra Points blue RC 318/999
Extra Points gold RC
Extra Points green RC 17/25
Extra Points black RC 3/10

[b]need: [/b]

[COLOR="blue"][B]2012 Score[/B][/COLOR]
rookie base
glossy base
scorecard base
base auto
base variation
Gold Zone variation
Artist Proof 25/32
Red Zone variation 13/20
Magenta Plate 1/1 :flex:

End Zone – Serial #/6
Printing Plates (3 Colors) - #1/1[/b]

[B][COLOR="Red"]2012 Panini Elite[/COLOR][/B] (finished minus plates)
acetate rookie hard hats base 19/399
Aspirations Signatures Die Cut 7/49
Turn of the Century rookie sigs 14/299
acetate Rookie Hard Hats signature 181/199
base rookie 12/999
Aspirations die cut 36/60
status signature die cut 3/24
Status die-cut 9/40

Black, Cyan, Magenta (sold on ebay), yellow plates

[COLOR="red"][B]2012 Topps[/B][/COLOR] - done minus 1/1s
Prolific Playmakers auto
Base Gold parallel 491/2012
Prolific Playmaker insert
Base Pink parallel 199/399
Camo parallel 350/399
Base Black parallel 5/57
Topps Kickoff Base RC
Topps kickoff auto 2/45
Topps orange base factory 32/86
Black printing plate 1/1 :flex:
Platinum base parallel 1/1
4 plates[/b]

[B][COLOR="blue"]2012 Topps Finest[/COLOR][/B]
Base RC
Base Refractor
Prism Parallel
Blue refractor 64/99
Gold refractor 17/50
Red refractor 7/25
Pulsar refractor 7/10

Superfractor 1/1
Plates (magenta, yellow, cyan, black) [/b]

[COLOR="Red"][B]2012 Rookies and Stars[/B][/COLOR] -done minus plates?
Base RC
Longevity 1/249
True Blue parallel
base auto 411/499

[B][COLOR="Red"]2012 Sage NEXT[/COLOR][/B] - DONE
HOTographed 3/10
Silver Foilboard 9/30
Die-Cut 5/40
Silver-foil Stamped 21/50
Gold Foilboard 13/20
Master Edition 1/1 :flex:
Dual Kuechly/Adams auto 1/10 :flex:

[B]2012 Topps Platinum[/B]

base refractor RC
Orange Retail Parallel
Black Parallel
Blue Parallel 78/99
Purple Parallel 9/75
Gold die-cut parallel base 15/50
Red Parallel 24/25
Magenta Printing plate 1/1 :flex:
SuperFractor Parallel 1/1 :flex:
Blue Refractor auto Parallel: 54/99
Purple Refractor Parallel: 13/25


auto set:
Gold Refractor Die Cut Parallel: #/10
Red Refractor Parallel: #/5
Superfractor Parallel: 1/1
Printing Plates: 1/1
Platinum Die Cut 1/1[/b]

[COLOR="Red"][B]2012 Panini Momentum[/B][/COLOR] - DONE minus 3 plates

base auto 200/399
Rookie Salute sigs 84/99
gold auto 9/49
momentum platinum auto 18/25
momentum black auto 4/5
Magenta printing plate 1/1 :flex:
cyan printing plate 1/1 :flex:

3 plates[/b]

[COLOR="red"][B]2012 Rookies and Stars Longevity[/B][/COLOR] - done

base RC
Ruby parallel RC
Emerald RC Auto 78/99
Base RC Black Friday stamped 1/1 :flex:

[COLOR="red"][B]2012 Panini Prominence[/B][/COLOR] - DONE

base RC auto 167/499
Rookie Apprentice Ink auto 31/99

[COLOR="Red"][B]2012 Topps Prime[/B][/COLOR] - Done minus 1/1's

base RC
base variation RC
base blue variation RC
Copper base 173/350
Gold base 12/250
Silver Rainbow base 48/99
Copper Rainbow base 43/50
base auto 176/286
Copper auto 2/99
Gold auto 23/75
Silver Rainbow auto 33/50
Copper Rainbow auto 18/25
primed rookie insert

Gold Rainbow base 1/1
Gold Rainbow auto 1/1 (Hobby)

[COLOR="red"][b]2012 Panini Certified[/b][/COLOR] Done minus /5 or less

New Generation base RC 749/999
New Generation Mirror Red 49/250
New Generation Mirror Blue 58/100
New Generation Mirror Gold 7/25
Mirror Red auto 119/250
Mirror blue auto 27/49
Mirror gold auto 11/25


New Generation Mirror Emerald #/5,
New Generation Mirror Black #/1 - sold on ebay
Mirror emerald auto /5
Mirror black auto /1 [/b]

[COLOR="Red"][B]2012 Gridiron Gear[/B][/COLOR] - done minus plates?

Base RC
Rookie Gridiron Kings Sigs auto 37/99
base auto 422/499
Silver X's 198/250
Silver O's 165/250
Gold X's 68/100
Platinum X's 20/25
Gold O's 81/100
platinum O's 20/25
Rookies Signature O's 18/25



[B]2012 Press Pass Sportstown[/B]

Bronze level auto 29/199 auto
Bronze Level 77/199 red ink /10
Bronze Level 188/199 inscription /5 'Go Panthers'
Bronze Level 198/199 inscription /3 'Panther Pride!'
Bronze Level 196/199 inscription 1/1 'Panther Pride!!' :flex:
Silver level auto 22/149 auto
Gold Level red ink auto 5/99 SP /10
Gold level auto 39/99
Red level auto 9/75 red ink SP /10
Blue Level blue ink auto 43/50
Blue Level 3/50 red ink /5
Purple Level 4/25 auto
Purple level 4/25 red ink /4
Green Level 2/10 auto
satin level auto 2/5
Yellow plate auto 1/1 :flex:


Bronze Level /199 Inscription /3 'Keep Pounding'
Silver Level /149 inscription /3 'Go Panthers!'
Silver level /149 red ink /10
Gold Level /99 inscription /5 'Go Panthers!'
Red Level auto /75
Red Level auto /75 inscription /3 'Go Panthers'
Red Level auto /75 inscription /2 'Panther Pride'
Green LEvel red ink 1/1
Melting auto (1/1?)
Moon Lava?
Plates (cyan, magenta, black, yellow)

[COLOR="Red"][b]2012 Topps Chrome[/b][/COLOR] Done minus /10's or less

Base RC
Orange Ref RC
base Ref RC
Xfrac RC
Blue Wave refractor RC
Military Border 70/499
Purple Border 24/499
BCA-Pink Border 66/399
Black Border 33/299
Prism Refractor base 177/216
Blue Border 66/199
Sepia Tone 38/99
Gold Border base refractor 15/50
Red Border 24/25
Magenta Printing Plate non auto 1/1 :flex:
Cyan Printing Plate non auto 1/1 :flex:

Base auto
base sticker auto
Refractor 57/178
Military Refractor 37/105
BCA Refractor 69/75 auto
Prism Refractor auto 15/50
Black Refractor auto 23/25

Superfractor 1/1 - Hobby Only

Gold Refractor #/10,
Red Refractor #/5 (Hobby),
Super-Fractor 1/1 (Hobby)[/b]

[COLOR="Red"][b]2012 Panini Prime Signatures[/b][/COLOR] done minus 1/1's

base auto 96/199
Silver 22/49
Gold 20/25
Platinum 1/5
Combo sigs w/ Tauren Poole 23/25


Black #/1,
Printing Plates #/1 (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)

[COLOR="Blue"][b]2012 Panini Absolute Memorabilia[/b][/COLOR]

Base Rookie 181/399
Spectrum Blue 55/100
Spectrum Silver 28/50
Spectrum Black 12/25
Spectrum Gold 10/25
Spectrum Gold Auto 13/299
Spectrum Platinum Auto 16/25


Spectrum Red, Retail #/399,
Spectrum Platinum #/5

[COLOR="Blue"][b]2012 Panini Black [/b][/COLOR]

base rookie 127/349
Gold 19/49
Black rookie 2/10
base auto 2/199
Gold Signatures 12/99
Platinum Signatures 25/49
Black Signatures 18/25


Platinum base #/25,

[COLOR="red"][b]2012 Topps Strata[/b][/COLOR] Done minus /10 or less

base RC
Base retail RC
Bronze 145/150
Gold base 99/99
Blue base 45/50
base auto
Bronze auto 37/150
Gold 11/99 auto
Blue auto 41/75
Green auto 8/50
Red auto 5/25
Magenta Printing plate 1/1 :flex:


Green #/10
Red #/1
4 Printing Plates 1/1
Platinum #1/1[/b]

[COLOR="red"][b]2012 Bowman Sterling[/b][/COLOR] Done minus /10 or less

base RC
Blue Refractor 6/99
Black Refractor 51/75
Gold Refractor 36/50
Prism Refractor 17/25
base auto
Blue Refractor auto 75/99
Black Refractor auto 22/50
Gold Refractor 15/25 auto
Prism Refractor auto 15/15
base auto relic
Blue Refractor Patch (1 clr) 28/99 - 3 clr 22/99
Gold Refractor Patch (3 clr) 21/66
Prism Refractor Patch (3 clr) 8/36
Prism refractor dual auto relic /Dontari Poe 42/110
Prism refractor dual auto relic /Donta Hightower 32/110
Dual auto patch relic /Patrick Willis 4/5 :flex:
Yellow unframed printing plate (non auto) :flex:

SuperFractor #/1 (sold on ebay),
3 Unframed Printing Plates #/1

SuperFractor 1/1,
4 Printing Plates 1/1

Auto Relics
SuperFractor Patch 1/1,
4 Printing Plate Patch 1/1

6 way auto Booklet /10
6 way auto patch booklet /5

[COLOR="red"][b]2012 Panini Crown Royale[/b][/COLOR] Done minus uncuts /3 or less

base retail RC
base retail bronze RC
base rc 287/399
base Silver 92/149
base Gold 41/99
base Green 39/49
base Purple 11/25
base Blue 2/5
uncut silver /5
uncut gold /4
base auto 16/245
silver auto 31/149
green auto 44/49
purple auto 13/25
blue auto 4/5


uncut green /3
uncut purple /2
uncut blue 1/1

[COLOR="Red"][b]2012 Panini Limited[/b][/COLOR] Done - 1/1's

Phenom base 102/299
Silver Spotlight 25/49
Gold Spotlight 19/25
Silver base parallel auto 58/99
Gold base auto 24/25


Platinum Spotlight #/1
platinum base auto 1/1[/b]

[COLOR="Red"][b]2012 Panini Prizm[/b][/COLOR] done minus /10's or less

base RC blue jersey
Prizm Refractor blue jersey
Rookie II variation base white jersey
Rookie II Prizm Refractor
Red Prizm Die Cut
Green Prizm
base auto 261/299
Prizm Parallel auto 3/49


Gold Prizm #/10
Finite Prizm #/1
Pylon Prizm 1/1 (icollectPanini auction)
Rookie II Gold Prizm #/10
Rookie II Finite Prizm #/1
Finite Prizm Parallel auto #/1[/b]

[b]2012 UD SP Authentic[/b]

base rookie
base auto
base gold auto parallel 3/15
94 SP rookie
94 SP Die cut
Canvas Rookie SP
Sign of the Times auto
Sign of the Times gold auto 5/10
94 SP auto
94 SP auto die cut /8 apparently


Canvas rookie sp auto /10?

[b] 2012 Panini Contenders [/b]

Rookie Stallions base
Rookie Stallions Gold 13/100
Rookie Stallions Black 37/50
ROTY die cut base
ROTY die cutGold 12/100
ROTY die cutBlack 21/50
base rookie ticket auto /239
auto Playoff Ticket 64/99
Rookie Stallions auto 17/25
auto 20th Edition "Cracked Ice" 6/20
Magenta Plate auto 1/1 :flex:

[b] need:

white jersey variation /25
ROTY contenders die cut auto 5/10 (Sold to TheLawman10)
auto Championship Ticket #/1,
3 auto Plates #/1 (Yellow, Cyan, Black)


[b]2012 Topps Magic[/b]

base rc
Retail blue mini base
mini base
mini black base
rookie enchantment insert
base auto
triple auto w Von Miller & Hightower 13/25

black auto /5
pigskin mini /50
dual auto w/hightower /25
6 way auto /5

[COLOR="red"][b]2012 Topps Supreme[/b][/COLOR] done minus 1/1's

base RC 229/462
base Blue 3/96
base Violet 69/75
base Sepia 15/40
base Green 2/15
black printing plate 1/1 :flex:
base quad relic 5/24
quad relic Blue 1/10


base Red #/1,
Printing Plates #/1

Violet Patch #/5,
Red Patch #/1


[COLOR="Red"][b]2012 Upper Deck Fleer Retro[/b][/COLOR] done minus green pmg /10

1997-1998 Fleer Metal Rookie
1963 fleer base
1993 Fleer Rookie Sensations insert
1997 Flair Legacy Row 0 15/100
PMG Red 15/100
PMG Blue 2/50
1998 Intimidation Nation SSP insert
1993 Fleer Sensations auto
2000 Autographics auto


1963 Fleer auto (not being made apparently)
PMG Green /10

[B]2012 Topps Valor[/B]

Base RC 42/170
Glory base RC 50/50
Base auto 167/170

Valor base RC /1
base Shield of Honor patch auto /26
Glory shield of honor patch auto /10
Valor shield of honor patch auto /1
Courage auto #/70,
Honor auto #/50,
Glory auto #/25,
Valor auto #/1

[COLOR="blue"][B]2012 Panini Totally Certified[/B][/COLOR]

Phenom base red auto 36/290
Phenom blue auto 45/99
Phenom auto Gold 11/25 (looking for upgrade- mine is damaged)

Phenom auto Green #/5,
Phenom auto Black 1/1

[COLOR="blue"][b]2012 Panini Playbook[/b][/COLOR]

Rookie Sigs silver auto 94/140
sigs gold auto 16/49
sigs platinum 23/25


sigs green /5
sigs black 1/1[/b]

[COLOR="Blue"][b]2012 Panini National Treasures[/b][/COLOR]

rookie sigs base auto 31/99
gold auto 40/49 (college #'d)
Black auto 18/25


Platinum auto #/5,
Red auto 1/1,
Printing Plates 1/1[/b]

[COLOR="Red"][b]2012 Topps Turkey Red Football[/b][/COLOR] done minus auto /10

base rc
mini rc
orange auto 37/50

red auto /10 [/b]

[COLOR="Blue"][b]2012 Topps Five Star[/b][/COLOR]

Futures base auto 14/150
Futures rainbow auto 3/25
dual patch w/ Hightower 14/15


Futures Five Star auto /1

dual patch w/ hightower /1
quad patch /10
quad patch /1 [/b]


if the Kuechly cards you have are already on this list, check out dbrown's thread to see if he needs it. Another cool cat that collects Kuechly. here's the link:


tentative product release dates:

Clarka3 07-18-2012 04:51 PM

first bump of the new thread!

edit- going to use this post for all 2nd year stuff.

2nd Year only stats (2013) as of 6/4/2014: 126/299 = [COLOR="red"]42%[/COLOR]

Non-Set pickups-
Autographed Panthers Sideline Hat
SI for Kids card
Cardboard for a Cause patch custom (1 of 3 i've seen)

[COLOR="Red"][b]2013 Panini Sticker Collection[/b][/COLOR] -- DONE

2013 Panini Sticker 359
2013 Panini Sticker 368

[b][COLOR="Red"]2013 Topps Archive Football[/COLOR] [/b] - done minus plates

base card
gold parallel
magenta plate 1/1 :flex:

3 plates[/b]

[b]2013 Panini Score Football [/b]

base card
Scorecard base
Showcase 67/99
Goldzone 13/50
Redzone 10/30


Artist Proof /32
Endzone /6
Showcase Artists Proof /1
4 plates[/b]

[COLOR="Blue"][b]2013 Bowman Football[/b][/COLOR]

white paper base card
Black paper Border
purple paper border
Blue paper Border 42/99
Gold paper Border 67/75
Orange paper Border 48/50
Red paper Border 20/25
black rainbow foil
purple rainbow foil
blue rainbow foil 42/99
gold rainbow foil 15/75
orange rainbow foil 44/50
red rainbow foil 23/25
Silver Ice Parallel
Gridiron Ice 44/50
Red Ice 14/25

[b] Need:

green paper 1/1
Prism #/1
4 Printing Plates #/1
Purple Ice #/10

[b]2013 Panini Fathers Day Packs[/b]

yellow progression parallel /5
blue progression parallel /5
Magenta progression parallel /5

[b] need:

Inked auto /50 or less
Lava Flow Parallel /25 or less
cyan, black progressions parallel /5 each color[/b]

[COLOR="Red"][b]2013 Panini Prestige Football - Done minus plates?[/b][/COLOR]

First Impressions auto 11/99


plates? [/b]

[B]2013 Panini Elite Football[/B]

Passing Torch Insert /Von Miller silver
Passing Torch Insert /Von Miller gold 35/49


Passing Torch Insert /Von Miller red /25
Passing Torch Insert /Von Miller black 1/1
Passing Torch auto /Von Miller /10[/B]

[COLOR="Blue"][b]2013 Topps Inception Football[/b][/COLOR] Done minus red /25 and 1/1s

base card
base Green Parallel 31/199
base Purple Parallel 30/95
base Yellow Parallel 14/75
base Red Parallel 8/25


base Blue Parallel - 1/1
4 Framed Printing Plates - 1/1 [/b]

[b]2013 Panini Momentum Football[/b]

base card
Gold 16/99
Platinum 16/49
Clear Cut


Black #/5,
4 Printing Plates 1/1 [/b]

[b]2013 Topps Football[/b]

1959 Mini base
Future Legends insert
Gold medallion insert 56/99
ROTY gold border 1981/2013
ROTY camo 320/399
ROTY pink border 319/399
ROTY Orange border factory 60/82
ROTY black border 41/58
Base Card
Gold Border base 1011/2013
Military Camo Border 126/399
Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Border 241/399
Black Border 3/58 (2nd inbound)


base orange border /82
Platinum Border #/1
In the Name vet relic /1
4 Printing Plates #/1 [/b]

[COLOR="Red"][b] 2013 Panini Rookies and Stars [/b][/COLOR] - DONE

statistical standouts insert



[B]2013 Panini Certified [/B]

Mirror Red 122/250
Platinum Red unstamped /250
Platinum Blue 72/100
Mirror Blue 96/100
Mirror Gold 18/25 X2
Platinum Emerald 3/5


Platinum Gold #/25,
Mirror Emerald #/5,
Mirror Black 1/1,
Platinum Black 1/1
mirror blue sigs /25
mirror gold sigs /10
mirror emerald sigs /5
mirror black sigs /1


[b]2013 Topps mini football[/b]

1959 mini
roty mini


base black
base gold /58
4 base plates
roty black
roty gold
roty 4 plates?[/b]

[b]2013 Panini Playbook[/b]

sigs red 34/59
sigs gold 5/10


sigs blue /25
sigs green /5
sigs black /1


[b]2013 Panini Prizm Football[/b]

Base Prizm
base Light Blue
base Camouflage
base Blue (Walmart)
base Blue Pulsar
base Red Pulsar
base Green (Retail) (inbound from ebay)
MNH Prizm
MNH blue
MNH blue pulsar
MNH red pulsar
MNH green retail
brilliance prizm parallel
brilliance blue
brilliance blue pulsar
brilliance red pulsar
brilliance green retail


Industry Summit stamped /5
base auto
prizm auto /25
finite auto /1
base Orange Die-Cut #/50
base Purple Cracked Ice #/40 (Jumbo)
base Die-Cut Light Blue (#/15)
base Gold #/10
base Finite 1/1
brilliance gold /10
brilliance finite /1
MNH gold /10
MNH finite /1

[COLOR="Blue"][b]2013 Topps Prime[/b][/COLOR] Done minus blue retail parallel

base thick hobby
base thin retail
base gold parallel
Primetimers insert


base blue retail


[b]2013 Panini Absolute Football[/b]

Absolute Ink auto 1/49
Absolute Ink gold 5/10


Absolute Ink silver /25
Absolute Ink Platinum /5
Absolute Ink Black /1
4 plates

[COLOR="blue"][b]2013 Topps Chrome Football[/b][/COLOR] Done minus 1/1s

base Refractor
orange refractor
Blue Wave
Military Camo 307/499
purple 311/499
BCA Pink 387/399
Black 55/299
Prism 235/260
Blue 173/199
Sepia 32/99
Gold 7/50
Red 10/25


SuperFractor 1/1 (Hobby),
4 Printing Plates 1/1 (Hobby)


[b]2013 Panini Totally Certified[/b]

[b] need:
blue auto /25
gold auto /10
green auto /5
black auto /1

[COLOR="blue"][b]2013 Topps Strata[/b][/COLOR] done minus plates

retail base (thinner stock)
topaz orange parallel
Onyx parallel (Retail)


4 Printing Plates 1/1 (Hobby)


[COLOR="Blue"][b]2013 Topps Triple Threads[/b][/COLOR] DONE Minus 1/1 (panther252 has it)

Purple parallel 102/320
Emerald parallel 88/170
Gold parallel 51/99
Ruby 27/50
Sapphire 17/25


Onyx 1/1,
4 Printing Plates 1/1

[COLOR="red"][b]2013 Topps Magic[/b][/COLOR] - Done

base sp
Base Mini
Green-Bordered mini
Orange bordered mini
Black-Bordered mini
Blue-Bordered mini -pretty rare
Red-Bordered mini 29/50



[b]2013 Panini Black[/b]

base 348/399
Platinum 14/25
Metal Captains peeled insert


Gold #/49,
Black #/10,
Plates (Black,Cyan,Magenta,Yellow) 1/1
Silver Sigs /25
4 Auto Plates /1
Gold Sigs /10
Platinum Sigs /5
Black Sigs /5
Metal Captains unpeeled (maybe)[/b]

[b]2013 Panini Spectra[/b]

Spectra Blue 17/99
Spectra Gold 10/10


Spectra Red #/25,
Spectra Green #/5,
Pink parallel ssp
green parallel ssp
orange parallel ssp
Spectra Black Atomic 1/1[/b]

[COLOR="Red"][b]2013 Topps Museum Collection[/b][/COLOR] Done minus 1/1

copper parallel
sapphire parallel 35/99
ruby parallel 26/50


emerald parallel /1 (panther252 has it) [/b]

[b]2013 Panini Crown Royale [/b]

Bronze (retail)
Bronze Holo 250/299 (retail)
Gold Holo 25/25
Green 9/10


Silver holo /199
Gold /99
Red /99 (retail)
Red Holo /25 (retail)

Purple /5
Platinum Holo /5 (retail)
Blue 1/1
Black 1/1 (retail)

[COLOR="Blue"][b]2013 Topps Supreme[/b][/COLOR] Done minus 1/1s

Base 75/170
Blue 94/112
Violet 93/99
gold or sepia 53/75
Green 36/50


Red 1/1
Printing Plates 1/1[/b]

[b]2013 Panini National Treasures[/b]

Century base 16/99
Century Silver 7/25
Century Gold 4/10
Century Black 4/5
Magenta Plate 1/1 :flex:


Century Blue 1/1,
Century Printing Plates 1/1 (3 colors),

dual auto w/ Munnerlyn /25
dual auto w/ Munnerlyn gold /1 [/b]

[COLOR="Red"][b]2013 Topps Five Star Football - DONE [/b][/COLOR]

base 003/208



Clarka3 07-18-2012 05:06 PM

RESERVED FOR YEAR 3 (2014) Checklist

No Set:
Cardboards For a Cause Custom patch (1/1, have seen 2-3 other luke's of this)
Fathead Tradeable 5 x 7
2014 Springy bobble head
Edward Vela custom sketch /25
Edward Vela custom sketch /5

[COLOR="Red"][b]2014 Panini Sticker Collection[/b][/COLOR]-- Done

Panini Sticker 358
Panini Sticker 368

[b]2014 Tri Star Signacuts[/b]

blue 10/10 auto
red level auto 4/5
purple 1/1 auto :flex: I guess...

[b] need:

/25 auto

Dual /S Rich auto /10
Dual /1

[B]2014 Panini Score Football[/B]

Scorecard parallel
Hot 100 parallel
Hot 100 Scorecard
Hot 100 Showcase Blue 65/99
Hot 100 Gold Zone – 39/50 (dinged corner- looking to upgrade)
Numbers game insert/Ryans


Showcase Blue – #/99
Gold Zone – #/50
Artist’s Proof – #/35
Red Zone – #/20
End Zone – #/6
Gem Masters – #/1
Hot 100 Artist’s Proof – #/35
Hot 100 Red Zone – #/20
Hot 100 End Zone – #/6
Hot 100 Gem Masters – #/1
4 plates

[b]2014 Panini Hot Rookies Football[/b]

base foil
base Scorecard 17/99
base Showcase 76/79
base Gold Zone 40/50
base Artist Proof 13/35
base End Zone #/6 (inbound from ebay)
Hot 100 foil
Hot 100 Scorecard 26/99
Hot 100 Showcase 14/79
Hot 100 Gold Zone 10/50
Hot 100 Artist Proof 24/35


base Red Zone #/20,
base Gem Masters 1/1,
base Printing Plates 1/1
Hot 100 Red Zone #/20,
Hot 100 End Zone #/6,
Hot 100 Gem Masters 1/1,
Hot 100 Printing Plates 1/1[/b]

[b]2014 Bowman Football[/b]

Black paper base
Paper Purple border (retail)
Paper Blue Border 2/99
Paper Gold Border 16/75
Paper Orange Border 18/50
Rainbow Foil Silver Ice
Rainbow Foil Purple Border (retail)
Rainbow Foil Black Border
Rainbow Foil Blue Border 81/99
Rainbow Foil Gold Border 38/75
Rainbow Foil Orange Border 23/50
Rainbow Foil Orange Ice 6/50
Rainbow Foil Red Border 15/25
Magenta Printing plate 1/1 :flex:


Paper Red Border #/25,
Paper Green Border 1/1
Gridiron Ice 1/1 (Hobby),
3 Printing Plates 1/1 (Hobby)


[b]2014 Panini Prestige Football[/b]

extra points purple 53/100
captains acetate die cut


Extra Points Holo Silver #/25
Extra Points Black #/10
4 Printing Plates - #/1


[b]2014 Panini Elite Football [/b]

Turn of the Century 119/199
Face to Face base
Face to Face Gold 42/49
Face to Face Red #/25 (in my COMC acct)
Passing the Torch silver
Passing the Torch Gold 4/49
Status Die cut 34/59
Gold Status Die-Cut 17/49
Red Status Die-Cut 22/25
Aspirations die cut parallel 33/41


Black Status Die-Cut 1/1,
Face to Face Black 1/1
Passing the Torch Red #/25,
Passing the Torch Black 1/1
Printing Plates 1/1


[COLOR="Blue"][b]2014 Topps Inception Football [/b][/COLOR]-- Done minus 1/1s

green parallel
Purple 21/99
Magenta 33/75
Red 36/50
Orange /40 (in my COMC acct)


Blue 1/1,
4 Framed Printing Plates 1/1


[b]2014 Panini Rookies and Stars Football[/b]

Pro Bowl insert
Longevity parallel
Longevity Holo Foil 12/99
Longevity Platinum 5/25
Longevity Gold 1/10 ** not on the checklist**


Longevity Gold #/49,
Longevity Black #/10
Longevity Team Logo Holo Foil #/32,
Longevity Team Logo Gold #/10
Longevity Team Logo Platinum #/5,
Longevity Team Logo Black 1/1,
Printing Plates 1/1 (Black,Cyan,Magenta,Yellow)

[b]2014 Panini Rookies and Stars Longevity[/b]

Ruby parallel
Sapphire #/25 (in my COMC acct)


Emerald #/5

[b]2014 Topps Football[/b]

DPOY Gold Border 1068/2014
DPOY BCA 198/499
DPOY camo 65/399
DPOY Black Border 26/59
DPOY Magenta Plate 1/1 :flex:
Base All Pro
All Pro Gold Border 1503/2014
All Pro BCA 282/499
All Pro camo 155/399
All Pro Black Border 56/59
1963 Mini
Fantasy Focus insert
Play 60 Mentors insert
Power Players insert
Greatness Unleashed insert
Base vet Variation SP
All pro helmet pin relic 97/99
Defensive Club pin Relic bronze 38/75
Defensive Club pin Relic silver 1/50
Defensive Club pin Relic gold 4/25
Vet Auto Base


DPOY orange
AP orange
DPOY Platinum Foil 1/1
3 DPOY Printing Plates 1/1
All Pro Platinum Foil 1/1
4 All Pro Printing Plates 1/1
Vet Auto Variation

[b]2014 Panini Certified Football[/b]

base red 17/249
Camo red
base blue 49/99
Probowl Bound insert
Pro Bowl red 84/249
Pro Bowl blue 13/99


base gold /25
Mirror gold /25
base Green /5
Mirror green /5
base Black 1/1
Mirror Black 1/1
Camo blue /100
Camo Gold /25
Camo Green /5
Camo Black 1/1
Pro Bowl Gold /25
Pro Bowl Mirror Gold /25
Pro Bowl Green /5
Pro Bowl Mirror Green /5
Pro Bowl Black 1/1
Pro Bowl Mirror Black 1/1


[b]2014 Topps Finest Football[/b]

Blue Refractor 3/99
Gold Refractor 67/75
Red Refractor 12/50
Pulsar Refractor 12/25
BCA Refractor 8/10


STS Refractor #/10,
SuperFractor 1/1,
4 Printing Plates 1/1 [/b]

[COLOR="red"][b]2014 Topps Prime Football[/b][/COLOR]- DONE

retail base (thin)
hobby base
blue parallel
gold parallel
Vet Variation base
Primetimers insert



[COLOR="blue"][b]2014 Topps Valor Football[/b][/COLOR] Done minus 1/1

Speed parallel
Strength Parallel 140/499
Courage Parallel - 213/399
Discipline Parallel - 230/299
Glory Parallel - 34/199
Valor Parallel - #/99 (in my COMC acct)


Heart Parallel - 1/1
retail/hobby difference????

[b]2014 Panini Flawless Football[/b]


Flawless Sigs /25
Flawless Sigs Ruby #/15
Flawless Sigs Gold #/10,
Flawless Sigs Emerald Inscriptions #/5,
Flawless Sigs Platinum Inscriptions 1/1
Inscriptions /25
Inscriptions Ruby #/15,
Inscriptions Gold #/10
Inscriptions Emerald #/5,
Inscriptions Platinum 1/1
Team Panini /25
Team Panini Ruby #/15,
Team Panini Gold #/10,
Team Panini Emerald #/5,
Team Panini Platinum 1/1


[b]2014 Topps Chrome Football[/b]

Base Refractor
retail Orange Refractor
retail Purple Refractor
retail/hobby Green Refractor
Blue Wave Refractor
retail X fractor
Pulsar Refractor
STS Refractor 47/499
BCA Refractor 355/399
Black Refractor 282/299
Blue Refractor 161/199
Sepia Refractor 34/99
Gold Refractor 31/50


Red Refractor #/25,
SuperFractor 1/1 (Hobby),
Printing Plates 1/1 (Hobby)


[b]2014 Panini Crown Royale Football[/b]

Crown Sigs /20
Crown Sigs Silver holo /15
Crown Sigs gold holofoil /10
Crown Sigs Green holo /5
Crown Sigs retail black 1/1
Crown Sigs Blue 1/1


[b]2014 Topps Platinum Football[/b] - Done??

sapphire parallel


others? no checklist yet


[b]2014 Panini Contenders football [/b]

base retail
playoff 89/199
champ ticket 77/99


cracked ice /22
super bowl ticket /1
4 plates /1

[b]2014 Panini Select Football[/b]


Black auto 1/1


[b]2014 Topps Triple Threads Football[/b] DONE minus 1/1's

Purple 259/399
Emerald 127/199
Gold 63/99
Ruby 39/50
Sapphire 16/25


Onyx 1/1,
4 Printing Plates 1/1

[b]2014 Topps Strata Football[/b]

gold parallel
purple retail parallel


onyx (black) retail parallel
4 plates


[b]2014 Bowman Chrome Football[/b]

Black Bordered Refractor 259/299
Pulsar Refractor 6/271
Blue Bordered Refractor #/199 (inbound from ebay)
Bubbles Refractor #/99 (In my COMC acct)
Gold Bordered Refractor #/50 (in my COMC acct)


Red Bordered Refractor #/25,
Prism Refractor #/10,
SuperFractor 1/1,
4 Printing Plates 1/1


[b]2014 Panini Absolute Football[/b]

Retail base
Retail Red


hobby base
Retail Blue,
Spectrum Silver #/99,
Spectrum Black #/49,
Spectrum Gold #/25,
Spectrum Purple Anniversary #/20
Spectrum Platinum #/10
Silver auto /50
Gold auto /25
Anniversary auto /20
Platinum auto /10
4 Printing Plates 1/1

[b]2014 Panini SB Promo[/b]

private signings auto /5
AUto /1

[b]2014 Topps Fire Football[/b]

Flame Foil
Purple 226/499
Blue 173/299


Green #/99,
Gold #/50,
Onyx, #/25,
Fire Wood /25
Red 1/1 (Hobby)


[b]2014 Topps Chrome Mini Football[/b]

Pulsar Refractor 14/102
BCA Pink Refractor 22/25


STS Camo Refractor #/99,
Black Refractor #/15,
Gold Refractor #/10,
Red Refractor #/5,
SuperFractor 1/1,
Printing Plates 1/1


[b]2014 Topps Museum Collection Football[/b]

Pro Bowl Jumbo Relic 100/150 (relic too small for window- looking for upgrade)
Jumbo Copper #/50 (1 color- looking to upgrade) (inbound from ebay)


Jumbo Gold #/25,
Jumbo Emerald 1/1
Pro Bowl Quad relic /50
Quad Gold #/10,
Quad Emerald 1/1

[b]2014 Topps Supreme Football[/b]

base 106/162
Blue 119/144
Violet 39/99
sepia 8/50
Green #/25 (inbound from ebay)


Red 1/1,
4 Printing Plates 1/1

[b]2014 Panini Black Gold Football[/b]

Base 195/199
Gold 73/99
Gold Foil 15/25
Team symbols /149 (inbound from ebay)


Holo Gold foil 1/1
Press Plate Black 1/1
Press Plate Cyan 1/1
Press Plate Magenta 1/1
Press Plate Yellow 1/1

Black Gold Autographs /75
Gold /25
Black Gold 1/1

Gold Strike Autographs /49
Gold /25
Black Gold 1/1

Silver /25
Black Gold /5

[b]2014 Panini National Treasures Football[/b]

Century Green /99 (inbound from ebay)
Century Green numbers /59 (inbound from ebay)
Century Silver #/25 (inbound from ebay)


Century Gold #/10,
Century Black #/5,
Century Blue 1/1,
Printing Plates 1/1 (Black,Cyan,Magenta,Yellow)

Sigs /35
Signatures Silver /15
Signatures Gold /10
Signatures Black #/5 or less,
Signatures Blue 1/1,
Sigs Printing Plates 1/1 (Black,Cyan,Magenta,Yellow)

triple sig newton/benjamin /10
triple auto 1/1


Clarka3 07-19-2012 08:05 PM

2015 checklist

[b]2015 Panini Contenders Draft Picks[/b]

base ticket (inbound from ebay)


Bowl Ticket #/99,
Cracked Ice Ticket #/23,
Championship Ticket 1/1,
Printing Plates 1/1
ALumni Ink


Clarka3 07-20-2012 07:44 PM

bump for the day. i know people are busting 2012 score! interested in the base/glossy!

dbrown 07-20-2012 11:56 PM

bump for a good dude & fellow kuechly collector

revis4life 07-20-2012 11:59 PM

Cmb I have one

Clarka3 07-21-2012 12:03 AM

talking about that hit silver auto? i wish you had shown it to me 2 days earlier- just overpaid for one on ebay!

revis4life 07-21-2012 12:08 AM

Sorry my friend

Clarka3 07-21-2012 08:43 PM

bump for the day.

Clarka3 07-22-2012 06:12 PM

sunday bump day.

if you got a glossy kuechly out of score, i want it!

pierrethomasfan 07-22-2012 06:14 PM

Think I have it let me check

Clarka3 07-22-2012 06:16 PM

[QUOTE=pierrethomasfan;3012913]Think I have it let me check[/QUOTE]

that would be cool. i am sure i'll get one when I break my personal box next month or so, but I'd rather just get it out of the way now :) if you end up having one, just pm me a price. thanks!

pierrethomasfan 07-22-2012 06:22 PM


I have the glossy and the stack on the side is all 2012 score

Clarka3 07-23-2012 07:53 PM

bump for the day!

Clarka3 07-24-2012 08:06 PM

bump! there are probably more score variations I need. get at me!

zonacats8 07-24-2012 08:23 PM

You have his UD SP card?

I don't want to get rid of mine, not sure what it's worth but I might be willing to sell it cause I really need some pp for some auctions this week

It's in my panthers PC folder


not the SP foil, think its actually a "rare"

Clarka3 07-24-2012 09:24 PM

THanks for the though Kyle- i have em though :)

Clarka3 07-25-2012 05:20 PM

bump for those of you breaking elite today!

pierrethomasfan 07-25-2012 05:36 PM

Got the card today bud. Just got out of work. I put the card in a penny sleeve and then the top loader and taped it so if it looks familiar that's why lol

pierrethomasfan 07-25-2012 05:37 PM

It'll go out tomorrow!

Clarka3 07-26-2012 07:33 PM

thanks buddy.

bump for the cause! help a brotha out!

agjohnso123 07-26-2012 11:46 PM

Don't have anything, but here's a free bump.

Clarka3 07-27-2012 12:35 AM

[QUOTE=agjohnso123;3038075]Don't have anything, but here's a free bump.[/QUOTE]

thanks man!

Clarka3 07-27-2012 05:23 PM

bump for the day. still need quite a bit of elite and score!

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