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Originally Posted by dthimesch View Post
yup you guessed it.
yea i have never bought singles there, they want way to much.
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Originally Posted by eluna25 View Post
It hasn't been the same since the 90's because thanks to the internet they can't rip us off anymore!

I went to a mall a while back and saw a memorabilia shop and just had to stop in to buy something. I walk in and notice I'm the only customer. I look at the guy behind the counter and he doesn't even acknowledge me. I walk up to the counter to see what boxes he has for sale, still no greeting. I see the ridiculously overpriced boxes, laugh, and walk out.

Just an example of pricing at that time:

2009 Upper Deck Football hobby box - Blowout price $49.99
2009 Upper Deck Football hobby box - Card shop price $150.00

You would think at those prices there would at least be some sort of customer service but I'm sure they make enough money ripping little kids off.
I think they're mostly talking about singles but you're right, the internet is by far cheaper than any cardshop as far as boxes or cases go. Singles, we got ebay, trade sites and forums like this one and also we got our LCS. Back in the late 80s to mid 90s, the LCS was the place to be for singles along with local shows. $6 would have made since or even $7 but $45 is plain "not knowing!"
BTW even back then I wasn't getting ripped off, beckett was on paper and alot more thinner lol!
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I'm proud of you for telling the guy off...idiots like that need to be taken out back and bashed on the shins by a baseball bat! haha I've ran into a few guys on here that are the same way...I just laugh and they never get a PM back from me. Takes the fun out of the hobby...and just makes you appreciate TRUE REAL collectors who appreciate the all of us!
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When i first got back into the hobby I went to a card shop/sports store that was open in my local mall at the time. I got suckered into a $10 pack of freaking Press Pass football cards. Glad I learned.

Like everyone else is saying....some kid will get suckered into buying it.
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yeah my lcs sells his cards at bv price and sometimes depending on the card hell go $10 above it and people buy them
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I don't think I saw a single Tebow card in mine honest to god.
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