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Default favre

Gonna spin this in slightly diff fashion (this coming from a cowboy fan living in the middle of Wisconsin). I like Favre because:

1) After he broke the record against the Vikes, he asked Mccarthy if they could get out of pracitce early a couple days the next week so he could bowhunt

2) He married his high school sweethart

3) Hes buried a father and brother in law. Overcome an addiction to painkillers and watched as that same high school sweethart went through a bout with breast cancer.

4) Most if not all the lineman he has ever had would take bullet for him. How bout Tauscher calling him Vinnies dad on Monday night football?

5) He didnt cop an attitude when one of his best friends was run out of town (Chumura)

6) Jeez he runs around the field after a touchdown like he just threw a bomb to Freeman in the Super Bowl----boyish enthusiasm.

7) Of all the records, the starting streak is pretty impressive. Do some real research on this one---there are a number of games where he had no business on the field.

8) He made some fairly average recievers look pretty good on the field. And once they left they did alright in the bank account---Brooks, Freeman, Schroeder come to mind. None did much after then left. Similar to what Aikman did for Alvin Harper----once he took the big cash he disapeared.

9) I think his love and passion for the sport overcome any shortcomings he may have on the physical side. Doesnt it look like he is having fun? Hes humble--modest.

10) We can actually identify with him (this for the board members in the same age brackett as Brett). He dresses like he took everything out of my closet---golf shirt, cargo shorts, flip flops and baseball hat in the summer. Jeans, ratty t-shirt or flannel and same baseball hat in the winter. Probably wearing some sort of Browning hunting boots and also sporting a 3 day growth.

Now I know some are looking at the above and thinking what doest 1-10 have to do with the subject at hand? I answer by stating "it means everything or it means nothing" depends on your point of view. For me it means everything. I will go to Canton when he get inducted. I have never felt compelled to go prior to this nor will I ever go afterwards.

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Originally Posted by MINDNUMB View Post
"Can't stand the guy" - "makes me sick"
Tim is a hater!!
Probably a frustrated Viking fan. (Are there really any Bengal fans out there?)
Wow -- thanks for attributing the WRONG quote to me. I never said anything about the guy personally -- Good Lord -- settle down pal.

Greatest Qb's of all time are Elway, Marino, Montana, Unitas, Brady, and Manning. Favre would be in the next tier. That is my OPINION, just as your opinion has him higher. How come festus and mindnumb don't respect others' opinions? I think that is kinda sad, actually.
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Old 10-30-2007, 10:31 PM   #28 (permalink)
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i replied to your "opinion" & actually threw in a "in all due respect". i respect opinions but when you say Brett Favre is easily the most overrated QB to ever suit up in the NFL, thats garbage talk. thats MY opinion.

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