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Old 01-28-2013, 07:06 PM   #51 (permalink)
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If they are live and the guy on blogtv is responding and talking with the people that bought their slots, then how could it be a scam?
No different than any other live break.
The part that is good about the Bay breaks is you can choose which team yu want and bid accordingly.
On here, Prizm is $43 for each slot and you could get lucky or not. On there, I was able to get two different slots for basically the same price as what one slot of my team would be on here.
And, with the $43 on here, I am not guaranteed to get my team.

On eBay, if you want the Colts, you can bid $130 and get the Colts. If you want the Cardinals, you can bid $25 and get them.

It takes the chance aspect out of it a little more.
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Old 01-28-2013, 08:22 PM   #52 (permalink)
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Truth17 and The Mustache Irving77 from Firehandsportscards I always go with them and will continue even tho I haven't got real lucky they always pull awesome stuff!
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Old 01-28-2013, 08:44 PM   #53 (permalink)
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I've done a few in the last month and yes it's a gamble but sometimes it does pay I just have to control my spending and I'll be peachy keen.

Collecting all Houston Rockets players, current and former.
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Old 01-29-2013, 12:56 AM   #54 (permalink)
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Default Way to go spanky

Originally Posted by crazy8parlay View Post
I love these stereotype ebay threads. ALL EBAY BREAKS ARE SCAMMERS!!! Guess you had a bad experience with one, so you blame them all. Well, maybe they are now because I don't do them on ebay anymore. I was looking at one guy selling Topps Series One breaks the other day and in his other listings he was selling "HOT PACKS". Nothing says "don't buy breaks from me" better than that guy.

summer21629 | eBay

Anyway, just want to clear some things up about why ebay doesn't allow them anymore because I had a long conversation with them about it.

1. They consider the term "Team Group Break" to be a contest because one listing is being shared between other people, even though ebay is getting paid for the other 29 teams (baseball) that are being sold on their site.

2. Any product that is not "unopened" such as singles, have to be listed individually. Since a "Group Break" is opened after the item is sold, that is impossible. What this also means is ebay has about 100,000 listings on ebay that don't abide by their policy. Basically by saying this, they have kicked themselves in the ( ).( ) because people have been selling like this for years, way before breaks even happened on ebay 5 years ago. Anyone selling a 500 card lot of Phillies cards without actually listing each of the 500 cards individually is breaking ebay policy.

We even discussed the infamous Topps "Mystery Redemptions", like last years "Diamond Redemptions". Guess what, they are against ebay policy too since the card you get is from an opened product that gets you a card off Topps website without knowledge of what the card will be. No different then the breaks that are sold on here and on ebay. So anyone who is selling them are breaking the same policies that breakers are.

All this, after Trust and Safety gave me permission to sell them back in May.

Overall, the problem isn't the sellers, it's what we've all known all along, it's ebay. They don't police their own site. They depend on the "community" to report the listings that are against policy. Funny thing is, I began testing this policy 4 nights ago. I reported 3 break listings each for 5 different people selling breaks on ebay. 3 items ended when they were supposed to, and the other 12 are still ticking down to the end. Yes, 4 days later, nothing has happened. Personally, I think the government should shut them down because they are supposed to be in control of everything that is sold on their site. But just like Enron, you do what you can get away with until you get caught, and even then, the profits probably will outweight the penalties.

I'm a Phillies person, always have been. I want my team and that's it. Most breaks I've participated in I've either purchased my team after the random, or I purchased a better draft slot than the other Phillies fans I know who already had slots to get my Biddle or Worley cards.

Now I want all ebay listings removed. They won't let me play, so I started doing them 2 Mondays ago on Facebook. I had a nice list from when I did them on ebay and I'm building it from there. Even paying Facebook for advertising. First break was last Friday and I've done 3 more since. I'll be doing another one tomorrow night with Jumbo and a couple Marquee which I purchased from Chris today. I'm all about selling people the team they want, that's the way I designed it 5 years ago.

Box Break Club 2007 Bowman Baseball JUMBO / Cardinal (05/31/2007)...
Great so a few days ago i got my "selling priviledges" suspended on ebay for violating ebay policies. 3 of my listings were removed. Thanks for being a douche. Just because ebay screwed you over doesn't give you the right to screw over everyone else trying to do some breaks. While I agree some people need to be taken off of there, who are you to say which ones? Have you been in one of my breaks? Doubt it. If you have been you would of seen someone who is honest and real. I really dislike people like you who got "theirs" and screw everyone else trying to do the same thing. Grow up and let people like me who enjoy doing breaks do their thing, instead of getting screwed on ebay.
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never mind

Last edited by JonMead; 04-01-2013 at 12:09 PM.
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thanks for the breaking news
A lot of people seem to want raw cards that are Gem Mint but only want to pay raw prices.
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