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Default What to do with damaged cards?

Owning a shop, I have people bring in lots and full blown collections from time to time in the hopes of selling them for various reasons. I'm pretty picky about what I buy, and I prefer to buy in bulk if possible. While I only pick up cards in good shape, sometimes there are a few cards in a lot that I simply can't sell due to their condition.

I picked up a lot of 50-ish cheap jsys/autos today, mostly for my $3 and $5 boxes. Included in the lot were these two cards. The scans actually hide alot of flaws, as these cards acutally look worse in person. I obviously can't sell them in this shape, so I was looking for suggestions on what to do with them and any other future damaged cards that might be in future purhcases.

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Give them to kids that come in your shop.
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Originally Posted by MI Rob View Post
Give them to kids that come in your shop.
My thoughts exactly
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have all the kids that come into your shop put there name down and a home phone number then at the end of august pick 2 names and each gets 1 of the cards,
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Put them in the spokes of your Kids bike, it will make it sound like a harley. Hahaha but ya just give them to the kids that cone into your shop, they don't care about condition. They only care about how cool the cards look and whoa theres a piece of jersey in there.
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I have a really big picture frame I got at walgreens, it's huge, like poster sized, I put all the damaged autos and gu I come across in there as a cool display. It shows off some neat auto's/gu and since they're damaged already im not worried about the potential damaged caused by them being in the frame.

I still get a use out of them by having them displayed and have no worries about any damage. Win/Win.

But thats as a personal collector, as a shop guy, yeah, I'd just give them to random kids who came in. Best way to make a kids day and maybe get him interested in the hobby?
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Evans is a badger, I'll give you 3.00 PP to send in a PWE.

Yeah give them to kids, you'll make their day/week/month/year and maybe make a future customer.

Maybe make a contest where if they do a good deed for someone in the community, or reach a educational accomplishment they can select a randomized "ding and dent" card? and maybe be "entered" in a drawing for a cool non-damaged card of your choosing to be given away at intervals you choose?

Just some thoughts of how to make it a win,win,win for you and your community.
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Thanks for the ideas, guys.

I had thought about giving them to kids, but I don't want them or their parents to get the impression that I sell damaged cards. But I guess, if I make sure they know up front what I'm doing, then it shouldn't be a big deal.
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