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If he's using a box for 5 singles, he should be using a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Small Box. It costs $5.30 to ship it anywhere in the US. As long as he's not in Canada, this is the max you should be paying him. I'd ask him to send it in one of the Flat Rate boxes and that you'll pay him $5.50 - $6.00 to cover the cost of top loaders on top of the shipping cost. If he refuses, I'd report the transaction to eBay as overcharging for shipping.

I combine my shipping costs in my card sales. I don't use a $x.xx for first card and each additional is $.xx more method. Mine is:

1 card-$2.00
2-6 cards-$2.50
7-15 cards-$3.00
15-20 cards-$3.75
21-25 cards-$4.25
25-30 cards-$5.00
30+ cards-$5.35(ships in a Priority Flat Rate Box)

Some may feel it's a bit much, but keep in mind that top loaders cost about $.15 each and I ship ALL my cards in top loaders and a bubble mailer. I've had plenty of people order $5 cards at one time and I've had a few repeat customers order 15 cards at a time. To me, I feel this is a fair breakdown and it's all spelled out. Nothing vague or cryptic. For me, I've cut down my costs by ordering my bubble mailers in bulk and recently ordered top loaders in bulk to cut down those costs as well.

5 singles in top loaders using a bubble mailer should cost you no more than $2.50. I figured that by weighing 5 of my thickest relic cards in top loaders with a bubble mailer and penny sleeves. It comes to 3.75 ounces. Add in the cardboard I use to protect the cards and the shipping label (which has bitten me in the arse before by adding more than expected weight), then round up to the next ounce and you get to 5 ounces for 5 cards. USPS lists this as $2.29 for First Class Package, eBay will discount it to probably $2.15.

You're paying at least $7 too much for this order. Combined shipping means a discount of some kind for multiple items purchased on the same transaction. If he's telling you he combines shipping but doesn't discount it in some way, contact eBay before you pay.
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