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Originally Posted by mikebsch View Post
For Trade.
Huh. Well, good luck with that.

Reading is fundamental.
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It's also overrated lol J/K
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Hope to see Bruce Irvin or Bobby Wagner also joining the Seahawk autos of Wilson and Turbin in chrome!
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Originally Posted by MI Rob View Post
Ultimate facepalm.
Second this
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I see a lot of bad autos coming out of that last contingent of unnamed players.
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Originally Posted by FreeFlow View Post
This class isn't very deep and they don't have some of the rare guys like claiborne that are very popular and would help off-set the %90 chance you pull a dud for your 1 autograph for $120? now

I never got into all the different colored refractors and this year I hear there is 3 more versions? Like 10 different ones all together?

Just have a bad feeling about this year, I did pre-order and bust 3 cases last year just because the class was so deep but this year is gonna be really bad IMO.

Did they even list what RG3 and Luck versions will be there? If it's like finest with just the /35, /15 , /5 and 1/1 thats gonna suck. I'm sure my /##'s are off on the finest as I knew that product was gonna be horrid also. Topps trend is always great product 1 year, next year over-produce 2-4x the amount to meet demand, jack up the price %5-%10 and PROFIT BIG for there investors, board members ect....

/end rant

People will still buy it and I understand why but I would highly suggest waiting a week after release and see what type of odds of pulling big names and see how much more they over-produced. I have a feeling it will be $90 a box by next month.
Wow man not slamming you, but wake up!! There are 6 QB's with talent this year, hello? This stuff isnt going down, you got 2 cams instead of one cam(RG3&Luck), and 2 andy daltons (Tanne&Russell), and you got weeden which from what I have seen lately he is really not as bad as some might think, and you got wildcard foles who sells for too much as usual people love a prospect. Trent Richardson, I mean you got 6 QBS that sell pretty well this stuff isnt going down anytime soon it will be 1200+ in a month IMO
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