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He's 17 tackles behind the Greenway for the lead, and Greenway hasn't had his bye yet while the Panthers have, and he also only had 5 or less tackles in 3 of the first 4 games as for some crazy reason he wasn't a starter until a few weeks in.[/QUOTE]

Tackles are a terrible stat. Just saying.
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Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post
Manning winning comeback player of the year is a complete JOKE!!!!!!

and no, I'm not saying AP should be winning it either, but one of the two of them are guaranteed to win it because of their popularity, but it shouldn't be either, and it shouldn't even be close.

Thomas Davis of the Panthers should be the unanimous winner, and no that's not a homer pick.

He's the first player to ever successfully come back from 3 ACL tears to the same knee, and they all came within a 2 year period and basically missed two straight seasons because of them. Then not only has he come back, but he's a starter and leader on the defense and is playing very well.

Him not winning this is going to be a complete and utter joke
Sorry, but l'm lmao!
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Obviously. That's my whole point here. We are talking about offensive rookie of the year. His rushing yards make him that much better.

Originally Posted by jt_1985_2004 View Post
You do realize that Luck isn't a running QB right?
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Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post
Here is what the comeback player of the year is awarded for

Peyton and AP both came back in very impressive form, but I don't see how anyone can even argue that either has overcome adversity more than Davis who had been out of the league essentially for 2.5 straight seasons (hurt in game 7 in 2009, hurt in 2010 preseason, and hurt in game 2 last year).

And again, has become the first ever player to come back from his situation, and I think I heard that it wasn't just the NFL, but in any of the four big sports to come back from 3 ACL's on the same knee

it is still worlds apart between multiple surgery on your knee and multiple surgery on your neck where a lot of people talked about him retiring so he doesn't risk getting hit awkwardly and having a chance of being paralyzed.

Also the award doesn't go back multiple years so when they are judging they are judging this current season and last season and there have been more than several players that have blown out their ACL the season before and then come back the next season and played strong.

And of course the other argument is the stats. 39 tackles so far doesn't even put him in the top 100 in the league. And really you can't make an argument for that over a quarterback that didn't play at all last season, needed multiple surgeries for a chance to return and now is currently 3rd in the league in TD's, 4th in passing yards and has the #1 overall QB rating in the league. Sorry but Thomas Davis won't and shouldn't even get a mention for the award.
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