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Default Beckett raw review question

I've heard that the Beckett Raw Review grade isn't guaranteed, so if you buy one, send it to beckett and don't receive the grade that's on the front, what recourse do you have?

I'm not sure if you could file a "not as described" claim because how would you return it to the seller since it's in a different form than before?
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Since what you are buying is a card in a Beckett Raw Card Review holder with a certain grade, as long as that is what you receive then there is no basis for a "not as described claim" on ebay. At that point what you bought is what you got and ebay is satisfied.

You then have to submit the card to Beckett grading and like you said, the RCR grade is not guaranteed (unless you are doing it on-site at a show and you immediately hand it back to them for slabbing), so whatever they give you is what you have. It all ends there.

I hope that helps.
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I thought I'd heard somewhere that the raw review WAS guaranteed, BUT only for a limited time. 30 days or something. I could be totally wrong though I just thought someone told me that once.
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I've seen on multiple threads where a card is described at auction as being gem mint, posts where people say send it into beckett and if it doesn't get gem mint just return it to the seller. In that case also, the card would be encased which is not how they bought it. seems pretty similar to me, maybe those people are offbase also
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