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Default Questions about 2010 Rated Rookies

Is this stuff that anyone actually buys sealed any more? And are there any good autos to pull besides Cruz?
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Antonio Brown sells for about 105 and the E sanders $60 I know that

Jonathan dwyer's print run is /8
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There are a lot of SPs that range from Dwyer at /8, Gronk and Bradford Tebow/25, Jimmy Graham /125, chris ivory and V. Cruz not SPs. So overall it's not too bad, especially if you can buy them for $5-8/box and have 1 auto. 2010 wasn't a bad year.
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I opened 100 last year. Pulled 8 Cruz's and a Gronk.
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All Depends on the Price. Ill buy Cases @ $150 and under all day.

The SP /25 are great pulls, tough but can bring in a decent coin. The Cruz is on fire and very common.
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