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Originally Posted by hotbox View Post
It's up to members to report these types of threads. So more members will see a betting or gambling thread and report it than a mystery lot thread (which I think those will start to get more reported because of the Haiku scam). Both are not allowed is all you have to remember man.
Okay thanks! That answered my question in entirety

For some reason, I was under the impression that the moderators would also personally look at threads and determine whether or not they are per site rules, but that makes a lot more sense now.

Thank you!
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Originally Posted by ivbaseball06 View Post
The whole 'we didn't know it was going on' argument seems to be the typical response from the mods. I got the same response when they deleted one of my threads when there had been plenty of other people doing the exact same thing. Either they turn a blind eye to some things or they honestly don't patrol very well. Honestly I don't think they patrol, but rather just respond when a thread gets reported. I'm glad the mod presence on here isn't huge (see the Nazi[/SIZE] camp that is SCF), but they still need to be consistent with their own rules. Otherwise, scams like the Haiku thing will continue.
AMEN to this
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I use to take bets left and right wayyy back in the day on here until one member in my sig screwed it for everybody
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Originally Posted by sdoug76 View Post
Holy christ you people are awful at understanding tone or "reading between the lines".
This is what I was thinking and I'm only half paying attention and the other half has no idea what's going on
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