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Default Buying a 1/1 with a dinged corner?

I am watching an auction on ebay and it is a pretty decent 1/1 logo shield, but one of the corners on the card is dinged. Like... I can see white. Also the side of the card is pretty chipped up. I want the card because I collect the player, and I have the funds to do it. Is it worth purchasing?

Honestly, it never feels "good" to me to have a damaged card. Even a really good "flawed" card.


What are your thoughts?
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It's a 1/1, you can't go get one in better shape, that is the only one out there.
Unless the card is so mauled that it destroys the visual appeal, I say buy it.
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I bought one of my Jordy 1/1s with a dinged corner. It is funny because I was eyeing it up the first time around, and the card was in perfect shape. Someone along the way f'ed it up. They did disclose the damage in the listing.

You can't see the damage in the picture, but the card is bent pretty bad in the lower right hand corner:

Also, this one came damaged in the mail. eBay seller ended up letting me keep the card for free (bought for over $100). The damage is the upper left hand corner of the O to the corner of the card (crease). I know people don't accept doing partial refunds, but I think 1/1 damage is an instance where it should be honored, IF the buyer can prove damage. I wanted the card either way and the seller was beyond generous.

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What sucks is now the seller won't answer questions about the condition. It has a bad scan too. /facepalm
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