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My whole point was that yes it's a gamble and fun and you shouldn't expect something great every time but it seems we are taken advantage of even more. These companies calculate not only how many good players to make but also how to distribute them in boxes and cases for the most part. In the past it seemed you could get several good cards in a box more often and even more in a case. Now it seems there are more strict allotments that take the fun out of it. If I open a luck in a contenders case and I know that will be the best card with 8 more boxes to open how crappy is that. I can live with bad RANDOM boxes and cases but not ones controlled to be bad on purpose!
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Originally Posted by Razorsharp79 View Post
When you walk into a casino and put a 20 into a machine, do you expect a 100 back everytime? Busting boxes/cases is gambling, never expect to profit and never do it unless you can afford to lose everything dollar you put in to it. The entitlement sense I see on here is crazy, stop watching youtube breaks where every case seems to be huge...they are only showing the cases that were worth posting... the rest were deleted lol
Yeah but machines are for suckers, as clearly are boxes...

Plus, when companies don't put ADVERTISED HITS into their products, that's much different to playing at a casino where you generally know you're going to lose. At least with boxes you could get a chance at a hit - but wait, if they're not even in there......
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