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Old 02-18-2013, 07:55 AM   #26 (permalink)
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I have the opposite story as well. Pulled a redemption for a 1999 SPX Shaun King RC Auto. Redeemed it and at the time there was thought to only be a handful that were sent out. Took it with me to a show and was offered $400 for it and turned it down. WTF was I thinking. Still have the card and will probably hold onto it forever now.
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Originally Posted by marinocollector View Post
Lucky for me, I could not afford most of the Marinos I now have in my collection in the 90s.

The one that makes me think the most are the 94 and 95 SP Holoview Die Cuts... I remember drooling over them in the showcase at the LCS with $450 and $300 price tags on them. I picked up both for $10 each later in life.
I always used to drool over the Marino Pinnacle Museum Collections. I couldn't afford any of those as a kid. My dad used to buy me all these base cards when I was little and I always thought I had the best Marino collection. I think the worst though was when I pulled a Steve McNair Press Plate out of 97 Pinnacle. Plates back then were impossible to pull. I had people at shows going crazy over it, people were estimating it over a grand. Still have it lol
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I collected Nomar Garciaparra in the 90's.

This thread applies to nearly every card I bought for that collection...
...must have been a steroid moment. - fulltritty, when discussing Derek Jeter
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I recall Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper RC's to be all the rage in the late 90's to early 200. The topps chrome RC's of these guys were three figures and they were selling like hot cakes.

The cards I got burned the heaviest on though has to be Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens rookies.
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I have so many losses in basketball, but for football I remember going to a card show with my brother and while he picked up a 1992 Stadium Club Brett Favre SP with his $65, I picked up a MOTOVISION Favre for around the same price, lol. Probably worth $2 now.

EDIT: lol, I just checked sold listings and a Favre, Marino, Collins and Brunell all sold as a LOT for $1.06 DLVD!!!!
Motovision investment FAIL - Ebay link to the 4
Always looking for ANYTHING Aaron Rodgers!!! (especially oddball items)
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I bought a '92-'93 Hoops Magic's All Rookie Team Alonzo Mourning for $110.

They sell for $3 now
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Old 02-18-2013, 12:32 PM   #32 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by TheHelmutt View Post
I have so many losses in basketball, but for football I remember going to a card show with my brother and while he picked up a 1993 Stadium Club Brett Favre SP with his $65, I picked up a MOTOVISION Favre for around the same price, lol. Probably worth $2 now.

EDIT: lol, I just checked sold listings and a Favre, Marino, Collins and Brunell all sold as a LOT for $1.06 DLVD!!!!
Motovision investment FAIL - Ebay link to the 4
I love motionvision! THAT was a card set! LOL.
Over 3800 Marinos with 375+ memorabilia cards (115 of which are auto'd)
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200 for 1998 sp authentic vince carter rc # to 3500, now they are 20-30 bucks

That was before they took off, then I spent 700 on the finite rc, and they only bring < 10 bucks now
I collect nothing but Bears and Panthers! DIE-HARD Bears/Panthers, Yankees and Charlotte Hornets fan!
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God, where do I begin? Such a good idea for a thread, BTW, since pretty much everything 1990s dropped like a rock. I'd have to say the one card that still chaps my hide a bit is the 1993 SP Authentic Drew Bledsoe RC. I remember buying one at a local card shop for about $60. This was back in 1997 or so, before Tom Brady came along and made pretty much everyone in New England, and the rest of football, forget how good Bledsoe was for awhile there. Today, you can snag one on Ebay for under $4 shipped.
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Not sure if this counts in the “90’s rules” for this thread – but I’ll post it anyway since I got this card in the 90’s.

Back in the 80’s and early 90’s I was a huge Magic Johnson fan (like ridiculously huge – at one point I had well over 2,000 cards of his – which is a lot for a 12 year old) – my Grandparents were big into my collection (I can recall from age like 8-14 every Birthday/Xmas consisted of 1 Video Game, 1 Jersey, and 1 box of cards – like clockwork I knew I’d have 3 gifts to open) – they even became friends with the local shop guy they went to in Cleveland.

Well the shop owner was an older guy as well – not necessarily up on everything – so he bit into all the hype of anything. I remember him selling my Grandpa box of Flair for like $200 – because no one knew any better at the time.

Anyway in 92 when the Dream Team was going strong my Grandparents finally bought my “dream card” and got me a Magic/Bird/Erving RC. They paid a ridiculous sum for it – in card terms at least (it was over $500 – which in 1992 was insane) and it’s a raw version. I’d say it’s probably a PSA 8 level card – but 1992 was before the days of grading. The local dealer did his very best to find them the best copy he could at other local shows.

The card sits in a safety deposit box in Cleveland to this day - I don’t have the heart to tell my Grandpa I could buy like 3 copies now for what he paid for the one I got 20 years ago.

So was it a “mistake” to buy? In hindsight sure – but in the grand scheme of things they got more then $500 of joy out of it when they saw me open it.

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Default 1993 Donruss Baseball

I didn't begin collecting football until I reentered the hobby in 2008, but back in early/mid 90's I primarily collected baseball. I loved - no, OBSESSED - over the 1993 Donruss Baseball Elite Series; gorgeous cards which caused me to lose sleep (and a girlfriend).

At the time, I worked extra hours at the grocery store after school to save enough money to buy several boxes all at once. So, with $800 saved, I bought about 25 boxes. I was certain I'd pull a couple Elites - and I didn't care of who (c'mon Darren Daulton and Andy Van Slyke!); I just wanted to show off at the LCS that I pulled one (or three!) of these numbered-to-10k beauties.

And? I didn't get squat. Out of 25 boxes. And I subsequently gave up card collecting for 15 years.
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Wow, this is a crazy thread. I can't say one card in particular but a person.

In the mid-90's Orel hershiser started having a comeback and I purchased anything that had his name on it. Books, cards, pitching videos, anything! After about a year or so and all of his cards dropped to complete crap, I was well into the collection for about $600 (I was 13 going on $14). At that point I decided to swear off the players being hyped like crazy and just start collecting who I want to.
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Ok I am going to break the rules here by a couple of years (2001) since I cant recall a particular 90s card, but the story is pretty similar to others. I was a kid and saw this card in the showcase at the local hobby shop. Saved up for weeks hoping it wouldnt sell and eventually I got the $100 I needed and went back to pick it up. Of course the card wouldnt sell for jack squat now but it is still one of my favorite cards because it was the first big $ card I worked to purchase as a youngster. All about the memories

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I paid like $75 for one of the Shaq trade cards from UD. All my yard mowin money! Took it to school to show it off and it got stolen that day. I crie and my parents told me I was a moron for taking it to school. So I hope they kept it and still have it now!!

I'm still probably a moron for spending the kind of money I do, but I don't go showing it all off at work now
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Football: 1997 Jake Plummer Topps Chrome refractor RC. I traded a Kobe Chrome rc and a Jordan Molten Metal insert for it.

I had to trade my half book for the full book because that is how dealers traded back then at card shows. I was just a teenager too. Times sure have changed.
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Speaking of the Kobe chrome RC, I picked up like 6 of them or about ten bucks apiece. I even traded a Garnett chrome refractor for a Kobe refractor on Beckett online. I think at that time Kobe booked or 80$ or so. GUESS What? I sent the Garnett and he never sent the Kobe. I was pissed then and even more now. Lol. I ended up buying 8 boxes of 96 chrome. Told myself I would not open them but I did. Ended up make a few sets, but wish I never opened them. I think they are like 800$ each now.
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I loved the Z-Team cards back then!

For me, it was a 1999 Contenders Finesse Gold auto Dante Culpepper /25. Can't remember exactly what I paid for it, but I took a huge loss on it. No idea what one sells for now, but I can't imagine it's very much.
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Originally Posted by sportnutt80 View Post
Nearly the same topic. After McGwire broke the homerun record I bought his Extended Series 1998 Starting Lineup at Wal-Mart. At the next card show I had dealers offering me $100 for it. I was holding out for $125! Still available if anyone is interested hahaha!
that extended piece was so hard to get. i still have mine too. i picked it up at a yard sale when they came out for 10 bucks. i asked the guy are you sure. he said yes.
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Traded a Kobe Chrome RC for an Iverson and a Marbury.

I also remember people specifically posting Kobe's for sale on like or something. I saw a guy post a thread of "PAYING $100 FOR KOBE CHROME RCs" when they booked for $30ish and everyone just told him how stupid that was.

Updated February 18, 2015
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