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Default CPG Direct anyone ever hear of them?

Was looking at autograph and I see on the back it says CPG Direct COA. Anyone here of this company or ever buy anything from them and know if their COA is worth anything towards the item being legit?

Other one I see is a COA that says Tom Goodrich of NT sports. Tried a google search but could not find nothing on that so I am thinking it's just someone who made it up and likely not legit?
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According to a poster on

"CPG Direct was one of the biggest scams to hit the Autograph collecting community .....ever!
They advertised with big multi page adds in Autograph Collector Magazine and other entertainment magazines as well. Once they went belly up, Truly Unique Collectibles appeared overnight filling the same full color multi page ads in the magazines......I'd bet my bottom dollar it was the same guys, and they just changed names to avoid the fines slapped on them.
They were sued out of existence by David Duchovny and Dean Cain among others who saw items in the ads that they did not sign.

This is of course all subject to my memory.....which in my advanced years is getting foggy.

The major fact remain, CPG and Truly Unique ....if you have an item certified by them.....burn it."

Another poster notes, "I purchased an Antonio Banderas autograph at a charity auction several years back with a CPG-Direct COA. The signature turned out to be an atrocious forgery, unfortunately. It's difficult to find a whole lot of info about them online, but what I have seen is just more very badly forged items.

In short, I certainly wouldn't trust them at all."

An eBay seller, notes his CPG COA has the name Patrick DeCola with it. (380834634340).

The company should not be confused with CPG comics.
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