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Default Topps SP Variations

I have a question on Topps (and Topps Chrome SP rookies)

For example, in Topps, Dez Bryant has a

Base RC #425A

A second photo variation (FS running...what does FS mean) #425C

And a third which is an SP (goalposts) #425B

My question is, does or did topps only make parallels for the base RC's? I have been looking and I only see golds, blacks, blues, etc. parallels for the base cards. I am not seeing any of these parallels for the SP versions. And being that all golds are #'d /2010 and blacks # /55, they should in theory pop up on ebay with the same frequency somewhat, but I can only find parallel versions for the base cards.

Same applies to Chrome. Are all the different refractor versions only done for the base card? Seems to me I am seeing the same thing; that there is no parallels to the SP versions.

Just curious, wasn't sure how the SP variations worked in regards to parallels. Also, has there ever been an idea as to the print runs for Topps and Topps Chrome SP variations?

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FS typically refers to "factory set" where there are often rookie variation packs included featuring 5 or so photo variations.

The factory set variations should be for the base set only, however the regular SP variations often appear in both base, Chrome and sometimes autographs.
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I can't answer specifically for the Dez Bryant's, maybe someone else can chime in, but for Andrew Luck, his rookie season he had;
Drop Back
Rabbits Foot
(Not exact names, but listed 140a, 140b...etc.

This was base Topps, Chrome only had the drop back variation.

There were no color parallels of the variations, only the base. This has actually continued beyond his rookie year, single version of variation, multiple parallels if base. I hope they keep it this way as there are already WAY too many parallels from each brand, across all products.

As far as odds, think there were odds on back of packs to pull a variation, but I think some variations are more rare then others, with no release of exact numbers. Also, the twisting Luck was exclusive to certain sealed factory sets.

Hope it answeslrs some of your questions.
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It does clear it up. Couldn't understand why I was unable to find any parallels of the SP versions.

Thanks for your responses.
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