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Default 1993 Magic The Gathering Alpha Black Lotus BGS 9 5 Gem Mint

1993 Magic The Gathering Alpha Black Lotus BGS 9 5 Gem Mint PWCC | eBay
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What the...
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I know I have this card in my garage somewhere
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Knowing that I shuffled that very card dozens of times makes me a bit ill.
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The seller was accused of trimming here on the boards, unsure if it was true.

Incoming -
Outgoing -
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Look at the grades, that card was definitely trimmed.
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The seller is just the cosigner. I don't know if it's trimmed. The card has rounded corners so it's not that easy to trim. I doubt many of these are out there. This is when Magic the Gathering was in it's infancy and from the very first set released.
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Somewhere out there in Silicon Valley are rich dirks playing with bgs 9.5 slabs.
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pokemon eat your heart out
It's a tough year to be a Knicks fan.
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Isn't it funny the levity given to CCG cards ?
Were it a sports card it would be a 7
left not factory

Here is an 8.5
Look at the corners.

The fix is in.

here is a PSA 10.......smokes that "9.5" in multiple areas like no chips, no side wear, no corner wear and, no lop-sided, no factory corner

grading is so crooked.
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