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Default if you've ever worried about buying packs from bo

I bought a pack of "Space" and thought, what the heck, I'll take 5 packs of 12-13 H&P. It was only $25 so no big deal.

Pack 3: Matt Dumba Subway Super Series silver patch three color seam

Pack 5: Nathan MacKinnon silver jersey and auto

Computer and subsequently my scanner are on the fritz so no scans.

Any worries you have about clean packs from BO should be erased.
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Was it retail or hobby though?
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Nvm didnt realize it was itg
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I find I do better on packs than boxes when I buy from Blowout. The majority of the time I buy packs, I get hits out of them!

Anyways, congrats! That MacKinnon is a terrific pull!
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