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bmwdroptp7 10-01-2012 08:30 PM

3 Boxes 11/12 Dominion ... 2 Books full o'patches
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Just got home from a long weekend with the family getting the baby baptized and had 3 boxes of Dominion waiting for me when I got home :D

Here are the highlights ... this has probably already been said, but this years version is 100x better than last years

Also hit a nice Brayden Schenn 3 Color Patch 10/10, Brian Strait RPA /99, + a bunch of jerseys + Rookie AUTOs

Thanks for the read

thor_rider08 10-01-2012 09:27 PM

Still a homo.

GoJays 10-01-2012 09:29 PM

[QUOTE=thor_rider08;3405254]Still a homo.[/QUOTE]


bmwdroptp7 10-01-2012 09:32 PM

[QUOTE=thor_rider08;3405254]Still a homo.[/QUOTE]

Answer your texts!!! ::D

thor_rider08 10-02-2012 08:40 AM

[QUOTE=bmwdroptp7;3405301]Answer your texts!!! ::D[/QUOTE]

AHAHAHAHHA You did not text me ???
The last txt was about the clk550 I sold?? No?
I am sending you another box of cards to sell on WED :)
PS you doing a dominion GB?

248rayment4343 10-03-2012 11:59 PM

very very nice!!!

those booklets are the sh**!!! congrads!

braydenschenn 10-04-2012 06:25 PM

Is the schenn 10/10 for sale?

Mizzurawar 10-17-2012 06:54 PM

I like a lot of those patches. CMB if you feel like trading.

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