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Originally Posted by CoolG View Post
UD 1 cases are over priced and you can get 2 boxes of platinum for the price of one UD box.
Platinum cases are a little over cost currently a great deal for this product.
Less risk and a better reward
I'm talking about holding cases not selling singles of either product.
OPC platinum is under the radar at $940 case 16 box case
If an investor has a 5 year hold period I think you'll end up making a better return with Platinum. IMO
Opening a box of platinum is so much better than UD1 and over the coming years people will realize this and how OVER produced UD 1 was.
I completely agree with you accept in the case of both UD series 1 and Platinum, I know UD cards have a tendency to get stuck to each other over time. Most chrome type products do too. Since that was the first year for platinum (which is basically modern day topps chrome) we don't know if they'll glue themselves together over time. But yeah if I was buying 1 or the other, buy platinum. There's still series 1 sitting at retail in some areas.
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Originally Posted by boston12 View Post
Not sure I understand the love for OPC platinum over upper deck s1. Looking at sold prices the OPC platinum McDavids are selling at $5 and up ungraded. A variation out of 25 sold for $275 recently. A McDavid young gun is selling $200 ungraded and $250+ bgs 9.5 (and for the record I pulled 3 and all 3 graded 9.5). If you are lucky enough to pull the auto or an exclusive or high gloss you hit the jackpot.... Also not likely to happen. The McDavid ud1 portrait outsells the OPC platinum base rookie even. Platinum may have more mcdavid autos but hardly something to make me think it's a better investment.

Not that I think ever buying a box or case to stash is a great investment but I think you are better off with UD1 hobby then retail or OPC Platinum. Personally I have four UD1 and two UD2 stashed so my newborn son can someday crack them when he's older and have some excitement. But I would expect these boxes to be $200-300 each 10-15 years from now but I wouldn't wager the house on it
Why Hobby over Retail? Just because of the allure of one of the big hobby-exclusive hits? If this product wasn't so overprinted I would think this would be the way to go but since it is the probability of getting one of those cards is quite low (in my humble opinion). Maybe you have a diffferent reason for buying Hobby over Retail.

I don't have kids yet but I also have a similar plan of sharing the fun of opening one of these boxes up with my kids someday.

The extent of my OPC experience is when they first sold OPC Premier baseball and hockey cards. Super expensive when they came out but then people realized that it was as overproduced as Upper Deck's first set back in 1990-91.

I am under the impression that the people collecting Connor McDavid (casual, long-term, or people brought sucked back into card collecting because of the McDavid hype) are drawing [obvious] parallels to him and his Young Guns card being the next Sidney Crosby Young Guns card. Maybe it happens, maybe it doesn't. But I think that is partly responsible for why these overproduced McDavid YGs still fetch a lot of money on eBay ungraded or not. Which is why I asked this question as to whether buying any of the case prices I listed above made sense as a long-term investment.
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Originally Posted by rrk100 View Post
Also I assume this is the card you are talking about as a better alternative investment:

That's the one. For $1,000...this would be the card you buy and put away over a case that is over priced and WAY over produced AND has ePack affecting it.
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2015-16 upper deck hockey, connor mcdavid

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