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newton615 03-18-2012 12:50 AM

calling all 5 hockey fans on bo, i need some help!
Ive been thinking about dabbling in hockey and looking into boxes. The question is Certified, crown royale, or black diamond? Any hockey ppm have an opinion? Any help appreciated, thank you

avjp87 03-18-2012 12:58 AM

what do you want to know?

GoJays 03-18-2012 01:03 AM

There are more than five of us man, c'mon!

All joking aside (at least I hope you were joking) I'd wait for SP Authentic to come out. I've never like Black Diamond, and let's face it, panini is crap. SPA seems to deliver every year, and this year has had a pretty solid crop of rookies, so it'd be a good product to buy.

newton615 03-18-2012 01:11 AM

Id like to know what a good box would be and which I should avoid (I basically know nothing about hockey collecting but its the only sport that rivals football in terms of my favorite) and to gojays yes I was joking :)! But to be fair the hockey market on this forum seems like a ghost town compared to football :P

cdahlk2001 03-18-2012 08:31 AM

this years crop of RC kinda chupa....maybe wait for SP liek the above post or next years product or older product....

zark427 03-18-2012 09:40 AM

I really like Artifacts... It's usually out early, so the rookies aren't the greatest, but it's a very classy card... And they have nice jersey cards...But I'd also go with above and wait for the SPA or if your wallet is up to it, SP Game Used.. SPGU is a good chunk of change but always delivers

TASS 03-18-2012 11:14 AM

If you just want to get your 'feet wet' start with UD Series 1 and 2, the young Guns Rookies are very collectible and with Series 2 you have some nice 'chase' cards with the Programme of Excellence series, as well as the Auto's and Victory/MVP Rookie cards. This product will run around $65.00-$70.00 a box and is a good starter for Hockey collecting!

iluvfish2 03-18-2012 12:04 PM

See - I'd go the other route. I personally like Heroes and Prospects. But ITG is its own crowd.

From the three you posted. I'd probably go with the Certified. Not a big fan of black diamond, but some like it. Crowns got a small following as well and can have some nice hits. But think Certified is probably more even balanced of the three products.

hockeykid_97 03-18-2012 12:14 PM

if you like rookies go with blackdiamond if you like a quantity of average hits go with certified if you like some hits with a chance of a sweet pull go with crown royal or your best option wat for spa!

Old Nap 03-19-2012 12:13 AM

Here's my 2 cents on a few. I got back into collecting after 20 years about 1 1/2 ago so I'm not expert, so I have the 'new to collecting' thoughts. I am not out to flip so I'm very particular about the design and what I buy.

Black Diamond - I love the look of these. It's a fun set to collect. They don't seem to hold value very well though. Box breaks are fun since you get 24 packs per box. You get a Bonus UD Ice with this one.

Certified - I really like the design on these too. With only 10 packs per box, it's harder to put a base set together, but you get 4 hits a box so that's fun. And the design on hits is good. I've bought several boxes of Certified plus a few blasters which seem to give you as good of hits as hobby.

Crown Royal - I personally hate the design on these. Most people seem to like them though. I haven't tried any of this.

SPA - Tried a box of these last year and just didn't get a very good box. The design was very plain. They seem to do well though.

SPGU - Too pricey for me. Nice cards though.

SPx - This was my favorite set last year, even though the base set design was lame, the design of all the various hits was great. You get a Bonus UD Ice pack with this too.

ITG seems to have some good stuff but I haven't bought that much.

hope that helps. :-)

newton615 03-19-2012 01:28 AM

very solid advice everyone thanks a lot! i think im going to buy a box of crown royale (love the design on the football cards but i feel like the royale theme is more fitting with hockey) and might just wait for the next draft to get more. i want to get in on nail yakupov :)!

gonzo126 03-19-2012 06:07 AM

I say none of the above. This year if you want to buy a box, go with Artifacts. Or buy any 10/11 product, minus Contenders and Zenith.

ckilgor5 03-19-2012 09:57 AM

None of the above. Avoid Certified, Limited is a risk, and Crown Royal has busted. I'd go artifacts if you're looking for something a little cheaper, or the Cup or Dominion if you have the funds. If not, Artifacts, UD Series 1 is always decent, and SP Authentic is coming out soon. Or SP Game used if you can afford. But not Certified Crown or Black Diamond imo.

Old Nap 03-19-2012 10:16 AM

Gonzo/Kilgor, I'm curious why Artifacts? What about it do you like? What about Certified don't you like? I wouldn't say Artifacts is a cheaper alternative. It's about $150 a box as far as I can tell. Cheaper than The Cup or Dominion I suppose, but what isn't?

BAMBAM 03-19-2012 10:36 AM

I'd buy 10-11 products instead of 11-12 because there are more rookies in there that will be hobby mainstays. While there are some talented rookies in this years product, the crop from last year is deeper and has more players that are better long term investments.

TASS 03-19-2012 10:53 AM

[QUOTE=Old Nap;2401340]Gonzo/Kilgor, I'm curious why Artifacts? What about it do you like? What about Certified don't you like? I wouldn't say Artifacts is a cheaper alternative. It's about $150 a box as far as I can tell. Cheaper than The Cup or Dominion I suppose, but what isn't?[/QUOTE]

I think with Artifacts you stand the chance of getting a decent Patch card, along with the Rookie/Redemptions which if you hit the right one you stand to pull a $50-$75 card, and a few dollars more if you get one of the Rookie Auto Red., plus I have always liked the design of the inserts. Certified IMO is a terrible design with the sticker Auto's being even uglier, the one nice subset which I don't know the odds are the Silhouette Rookies from I believe Crown Royale!

nyisle 03-20-2012 07:31 PM

I would stay away from most Panini as 90% of the autos are stickers, I am pretty partial to On-Card vs Sticker Autos, and Panini seems to be happy with about 50% of their autos being redemptions!! Thats another downside with Panini, too many redemptions. A few of the other members mentioned SPA, not bad to start with, at least the 3 Guaranteed Autos are On-Card, the only downside to SPA is they expanded the set from 100-150 so it does make it harder to build sets, and the amount of Rookies in SPA is huge... almost too many.

If you want on card Autos go with SPA
If you want Parallels and shiny cards go with Certified
If you want cards that will depraciate the second you open them with no return go with Black Diamond.
If you want Parallels and Game-Used go with Artifacts.

As a few members mentioned go with 2010-11, better rookie class.
A good one to start with, and yes it goes against what I said earlier is Contenders, rookies are on-card auto and you get 4 a box. Of all the boxes I opened only got 1 redemption.

ckilgor5 03-20-2012 11:37 PM

[QUOTE=Old Nap;2401340]Gonzo/Kilgor, I'm curious why Artifacts? What about it do you like? What about Certified don't you like? I wouldn't say Artifacts is a cheaper alternative. It's about $150 a box as far as I can tell. Cheaper than The Cup or Dominion I suppose, but what isn't?[/QUOTE]

Certified struggled this year. The design wasn't much different from last year's, which is okay, but the big chasers were the rookie jersey auto's. The Freshman Signatures checklist was subpar, tough to pull anything good, the big names were SPs. While I loved the rookie jersey auto's, they used the "Totally Certified" design on those, which I loved, but found a bit lazy. But I split hairs.

I was lucky enough to hit a rookie jersey auto in the only box I got, and my brother hit a nice Henrik Sedin jersey auto numbered really low, so we did well with the product, but the resell is tough and the potential for just horrid boxes is a bit too high for me.

Obviously, artifacts has the potential for a doodoo box as well. The rookie redemptions are big deals, if you hit the right one it's an auto and it's big $. Even if you don't, you could get a big name non auto rookie plus the autofacts or patch auto that's guaranteed in the box. It really comes down to what you like, the risk is there with both of them.

Artifacts is at ~$150 because of it's consistent flow of nice cards coming out of it. Certified is at ~$80 because of its INconsistency.

That's what it mostly boils down to, Artifacts is very very consistent imo.

Old Nap 03-21-2012 10:22 AM

Kilgor, that's what I was looking for, thanks! Everyone can have an opinion about why they like or dislike a product. I wanted to understand why most people seem so down on Certified. Now I understand.

I think in total Certified I've bought 2 hobby boxes and 3 or 4 blasters. The blasters were basically 1/3 hobby boxes. It sounds like I beat the odds to some extent. I didn't do very well on Autos, but I pulled 2 Prime Die Cut #/10 (Tatar/Giroux) and 1 Prime Die Cut#/5 (Nash) and 1 #/25 Gold Prime Jersey (Eberle). The only down side is I am still missing almost 1/2 the base set. My 2nd hobby box had only 1 base card I needed. That was a let down.

I bought 1 box of Artifacts this year and I did hit an Emerald Jersey/Patch (Stastny) but it only books at $20 bucks. Big Whoop! ;-) I did better from the couple blasters I bought.

and @nyisle... very good synopsis. ;-)

and @Newton... I'm not trying to hijack your thread, I have had some of the same questions for a year. ;-)

Aomalle27 03-21-2012 11:36 PM

You could always save your cash til August/September for UD the Cup, by no means cheap but the highest end of hockey card you can buy with minimal depreciation and a crap load of upside value. Last year at this time Brad Marchand rookies could be had for around 60 bucks now they are easily a 150-200 card. And anything rangers right now is just crazy. Maybe wait for panini dominion they might tweak some things and make it something to compete with the cup although last years dominion was kinda weak with all the one color patches and plethora of base/douchebag player cards. Fewer big hits

38stud 03-22-2012 12:43 AM

I'd invest in last year's rookie crop and Landeskog.

frozenntimesports 03-22-2012 11:05 AM

Go back and get a couple of boxes of 2009-10 Series 2 Upper Deck. What a checklist and if you look they can be had for well below cost.

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