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slugger82685 03-31-2012 08:34 PM

2011 Panini Limited Baseball, HIT DRAFT BREAK!
I am finally doing another group break!

I figured since baseball season is about to start, I would come back with a baseball group break. The product will be a 15 box case of 2011 Panini Limited.

-This will be a 48 slot [B]Hit DRAFT[/B]. After the slots have been paid for, a MOD will random the list of participants 5 times to determine the hit order. 1st slot holder gets the 1st pick of all the hits, 2nd slot holder gets the 2nd pick of the remaining hits and so on until the draft has ended.

-After the break, the draft can begin as soon as the 1st pick is made.
-The draft clock will not start until the day after the break.
-The draft will take place between 10am-10pm, with 1 hour draft windows for the individual to make their pick.
-If a participant fails to make their pick, an auto pick will be given to them from myself, based off of best value/card available.
-Please send me a list of your hit rankings if you think you cannot be there to make your pick, that makes it easier on everyone in the break.[/I][/B]

-The deadline for any sells/trades is 30 minutes before the break, any transactions after the cutoff time will not be confirmed by me unless previous contact has been made with me to let me know.

Slot Cost Breakdown:
$1500 for a 15 box case/48 slots= $31.25 (will be adjusted if we can get a discount)
+ 3 for shipping w/DC and supplies
+ $1.30 for paypal fees
Total= $35.55

[B]1st spot= $35.50
each additional spot= $34.5[/B]

[U][B]What items are up for draft?[/B][/U]
- there are 3 hits per box and there are 15 boxes in the case so there will be 45 hits total. Then there will be 3 slots for base/inserts/parallels for every 5 boxes so 3 separate slots for non-hits for boxes 1-5, 6-10, and 11-15.
-comes out to a total of 48 slots.

product info can be found here:
[url=]2011 Panini Limited Baseball Hobby 15 Box Case - $1,500.00 : Blowout Cards - Sports Cards and Trading Cards Wholesale Online Store[/url]

Assuming this fills up before the release date, payment deadline will be [B][U]WHENEVER IT FILLS[/U][/B].

Break will be held live on Blogtv and a date will be determined by the individuals involved.

There hasn't been a Limited product for baseball in years and this looks like it will be a good one with tons of potential!

Slot participant list:

1. marauder03($35.50)
3. Archangel1775($139)
4. Blue_Devil($35.50)
5. Archangel1775
8. Zoop ($104.50)
9. Sports Showcase($70)
10. oldgoldy97($35.50)
11. Bwagzz ($70)
12. insane irish($104.50)
14. Bwagzz
15. Archangel1775
17. mr_yoshi_san($35.50)
18. insane irish
20. Sports Showcase
22. frankie22briguy($35.50)
23. Archangel1775
24. ChrisNTx($70.00)
27. Zoop
28. Zoop
30. jrodlc08($35.50)
33. insane irish
34. ChrisNTx
36. ntgm37($70)
37. greenjdo($35.50)
47. ntgm37

iluvfish2 04-01-2012 06:03 PM

Break is now open. Format and slot pricing are within the guidelines and the host has provided verification for the age requirement. Please do your own due diligence and only join if you are comfortable with dealing with the host.

oldgoldy97 04-01-2012 06:59 PM

Give me slot number 10 please.

slugger82685 04-01-2012 07:14 PM

[QUOTE=oldgoldy97;2464813]Give me slot number 10 please.[/QUOTE]

got you down, thanks!

slugger82685 04-02-2012 02:03 PM

I really think this will be a great break and I havent seen anyone else try a group break for this product

JFray 04-02-2012 02:58 PM

I'll take 2 random slots. Product looks cool!

slugger82685 04-02-2012 04:02 PM

[QUOTE=JFray;2468473]I'll take 2 random slots. Product looks cool![/QUOTE]

got you down, thanks!

kmsrocknj 04-02-2012 04:19 PM

sorry... wrong break

slugger82685 04-02-2012 04:20 PM

[QUOTE=kmsrocknj;2468891]sorry... wrong break[/QUOTE]

sure you dont wanna join this one? :)!

mr_yoshi_san 04-02-2012 07:22 PM

ill take spot #17 please

Archangel1775 04-02-2012 08:17 PM

Give me 3, 5, 15, 23

slugger82685 04-02-2012 10:43 PM

[QUOTE=mr_yoshi_san;2469871]ill take spot #17 please[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Archangel1775;2470197]Give me 3, 5, 15, 23[/QUOTE]

Hey guys, I'm on my phone right now, but ill be sure to add u when I get home

slugger82685 04-03-2012 01:32 AM

ok, got you guys down, thanks for joining!

slugger82685 04-03-2012 04:55 PM

anyone want to join today?

Bwagzz 04-03-2012 10:46 PM

I'll take 11 and 14....

slugger82685 04-04-2012 03:11 AM

[QUOTE=Bwagzz;2476801]I'll take 11 and 14....[/QUOTE]

got you down, thanks for joining!

slugger82685 04-04-2012 06:17 PM

anybody interested today?

mr_yoshi_san 04-04-2012 08:55 PM

have some love for this break! only limited baseball break on BO!

Blue_Devil 04-05-2012 02:09 PM

I'll take slot 4

slugger82685 04-05-2012 02:11 PM

[QUOTE=Blue_Devil;2484934]I'll take slot 4[/QUOTE]

got you down, thanks!

slugger82685 04-06-2012 03:56 PM

anyone want to sign up today?

slugger82685 04-08-2012 12:30 PM

anybody looking to join today?

Orangejello727 04-08-2012 12:33 PM

ill take 2 slots

slugger82685 04-09-2012 01:36 AM

[QUOTE=Orangejello727;2499249]ill take 2 slots[/QUOTE]

I gave you 2 random slots, thanks for joining!

slugger82685 04-09-2012 01:54 PM

would really like to fill this up, only Limited Baseball group break listed....release date has been pushed back to May 9th.

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