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I for one appreciate these threads. I have spent several hundred over the past two weeks on these boards and have had nothing but great experiences. I keep a notebook with all the info of members I have had positive interactions with. When someone acts in such a way that a thread like this is needed I record that as well. With so many great members to buy/sell/trade with there is no reason to take a chance with anyone that has failed to live up to the community standards. Sometimes unavoidable things happen and second chances are necessary but instances where there is a total lack of remorse are inexcusable.

Comments are not directed at any member directly just my stance on how you should conduct business whether in person or online.

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Originally Posted by Newbs View Post
Me telling a mod would only let them know about the problem, not everyone else on the boards. That is why I decided to post this. And yes, I realize that I prob should not have made a deal with him from a previous incident, but being who I am, I give people a second chance. Maybe that was dumb on my part and I have no prob admiting to that, live and learn. However, I am going to make sure that nobody else falls for this trap. If I am wrong for notifying the board about this user, then I apologize, but I feel it is my responsibilty to notify you guys before dealing with him.
You are not in the wrong, this is needed as I never read through the member feedback section....
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Originally Posted by ManInTheMirror View Post
Petition for the removal of duckfan28:

This is a request for member duckfan28 to be banned. He is a horrible person to deal with, we know now he has attempted to scam two people, only works with cash, has about 10 cards that nobody wants, is very rude, trolls the B/S/T section and generally doesn't help the community all all, only brings it down. Please copy and past with your signature.

I sign my name. Duckfan trashed my thread and so I say "temporarily suspended" should say "Removed"
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