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Default And another Ebay douchbag to block

Seems like a lot of these idiots have been coming out of the woodworks lately.

ebay user id: 10042644

This Douchebag purchase an item from me. Then sends me a message stating.

I by accident "bought" this when my intention was to only see what happens when you try to purchase an item, but I didn't know that once you push the purchase button you actually have to buy the item. I'm new to this, I've only had this account for less than 3 weeks, and I don't use it that much, if you could please cancel the transaction I would appreciate it, thank you

I reply with ......

Payment will be expected as you have agreed to purchase the item. If payment is not received, appropriate measures will be taken with ebay. You said your intentions was to only see what happens when you try to purchase an item. Well you did buy the item, what comes next is you need to pay for it.

He replies....

OK, I really don't want it, it's cheap and all, but I really don' want it, don't you have another one I can buy, if you want you can report me, but I'm still not paying for it, thanks.

My last response...

Its people like you that ruin Ebay for everyone. And no I don't and will not sell you anything else. Ohhh Rest assure, appropriate measures will be taken with Ebay.

He replies..

Be my guest see how much I care, btw, it's also because of people like you that things don't get better either, I already told you I made a mistake, I wasn't planning on buying it on the first place...and don't act like you are the only freaking seller out there.

A few days later I check my feedback and noticed he has left me a negative
"Rude Seller"

I have since contacted ebay and the negative has been removed and they sent him a warning. Block this douchebag if you don't want to go through the headaches that I went through.
If you got time to sell cards, then make time to ship them out in a timely manner!!!!!!
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Yeah, I buy things all the time, and tell the seller I actually don't want them. What's the big deal?

I only ship to confirmed US addresses. Sorry to all out of US collectors.
I do require immediate payment when selling. Please allow 2 business days for me to ship. I greatly appreciate that.
Going to start adding those who don't have the decency to respond to my ignore list
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