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Default eBay buyer to block:2011getlikeme

So I'm selling NCAA 13. 36.99 OBO plus 3.00 shipping and handling. I get a best offer of $33. I accept it.
First email:
the offer was $33 including shopping but I'm being asked to pay $36
I reply, after seeing a 15 feedback:
Bit of advice my friend. When you make an offer, make it without the S&H. Make an offer for $30, instead of $33. Most sellers aren't going to be that cool about it, but I will since it was an honest mistake on your part. And I'm hoping that come feedback time, you remember that. Thank you again and please keep me as one of your favorite sellers. I'm hoping you will be satisfied with your new invoice.
No payment. A week goes by. Still no payment. Now I'm being asked to cancel. What should I do? How do you block a buyer?
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Buyer/Bidder Management
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Thanks bro. How do you cancel a transaction?
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