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Default Ebay question what would you do

I recently purchased a card on ebay. I was charged nearly 5 dollars for standard shipping which i was ok with but i figured it was note worthy because the seller then took nearly 5 days to ship the item.
I then get the card and one of the corners is pretty beat up with foil being pushed in and few nasty dings in it (you couldnt see from the picture in the auction because of the angle it was taken at). I then email the seller explaining the situation and asking for a refund and he tells me he does not give refunds but maybe we could try to work out something else. I respond saying i do not want his damaged card (the card was in a magnet case which was in perfect condition when i received it meaning the card was in bad condition before it was shipped) and i would like to send it back for a refund. He then responds saying i probably damaged the card myself to get my money back.

What would you do??
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Just open up a claim, you will most likely get him to change his mind or they will decide in your favor anyway.
Whatever. Those rules aren't real.
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Open a claim with eBay or PayPal - they can say they don't accept refunds all they want - the simple fact is that they are going to give you one whether they like it or not because eBay is going to refund you if you send the damaged item back to them.
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open claim, this is an open and shut case.
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Any seller that states they don't except refunds is hilarious. More than likely the same seller who tells you it's your responsible to purchase insurance to prevent against a lost or a damaged item. Sad fact is it works on some buyers.
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Silly people and their "I dont give refunds".
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Originally Posted by HaZeOfGrEEn View Post
Just open up a claim, you will most likely get him to change his mind or they will decide in your favor anyway.
Pretty much sums it all up, you will win no problems.
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