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Default Guys quick help

I refunded someone money by accident.i meant to void shipping label because the printer did not print after 2 tries and instead I clicked refund payment. Anyway I messaged the buyer waiting to hear back and I will have my phone in a few minutes to call PayPal (roommate borrowed it while she went out for a few minutes). Anyway what I need too know is when someone issues you a refund do you have to click accept or deny? or do you automatically get it. Because if its as easy as the buyer not accepting the refund once he does that I can print off new label and send the cards out. Also can PayPal cancel a refund request once I call them and explain the situation? All help appreciated. Thanks

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I know the refund is automatic and buyer does not accept or decline. You can try calling paypal but I think you just need to tell buyer the issue and have them resend payment and then print new label. GL
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