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Getch78 01-31-2013 11:04 AM

Avoid this eBay seller at all costs
I won a Crown Royale Robert Turbin Silhouette card on eBay for my PC, paid for it instantly, and the shipping was a little slow, but acceptable. I got the card, which was put in a team case that was twice the size as the card. Of course every corner on this card was now damaged. I contacted the seller regarding this and he first demanded pictures as he insisted that he safely shipped the card.

I proved multiple pictures and then finally got him to agree to a return. I ship the card back to him with tracking. He stated that as soon as he received the card he would issue my refund, so when I saw that the card was delivered and I had yet to hear anything from him I followed up with a polite message. A day passed and no response.

So I followed up again, highlighting that the tracking showed that the cards was delivered over a day ago. Still no response. I was getting a bit concerned, so I happen to check his eBay account for activity to see if he had even been on. He sure was! He took the time to relist the card I returned, complete with all new pictures. So, I asked the seller a question on the listing, and asked him how he had time to relist this item for sale and not refund me my money. Still, no response, so I opened up a case, which eventually got a response out of him and my refund.

Then I noticed this:
[url=]Topps Chrome 2011 Colin Kaepernick Auto | eBay[/url]

Anyone think that is really Kaepernick's auto?

Avoid nick22zz


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