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Originally Posted by broncomanning18 View Post
Wow, you are an idiot, you are telling me you wouldnt care if everyone thought you were a scammer. I actually care because I didnt do anything and do not like to be viewed as scum. So let me get this straight your theory is because I want to defend myself and ask you what you are accusing me of, that is what makes me guilty? Your logic is extremely flawed, and it is clear at this point that you are just trying to blame me because Haiku is gone and tricked us all.
Haiku never existed IMO

And it is funny as I told you via PM that you, Braylon1, haiku signed up in june, and you and braylon are the two people who gifted him thousands and trusted him endlessly..what are the odds of that?

Are these the cards you sent Haiku? the folder is market "haiku" he paid you 100 for these right?

Also, what date did you send Haiku 11,000?

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Looks pretty clear to me...good work Razor.
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[QUOTE=Razorsharp79;4328899]I have never heard of you on ebay or here before until this thread and I buy high end cards all the time. Yet you sell Jason thousands of dollar worth of cards...ok cool story

You just wrote the biggest ass kissing post in blowout history...why did you do it? You did your part, he did his part...congrats...send one another a PM and thank one another. Posts like yours make me even more are trying to pump him up and most can see right thru it. It serves no purpose to glorify someone the way you did with Broncomanning18.

And when broncomanning sends me a PM asking me why I think he is a scammer, thefirst thought that comes to mind is he is one...that is my opinion of him or anyone else whose first question is "why do you think"... If someone accused me and I was innocent I would not give two shits what he thought of me. I know my conscious is clear and would tell him to go suck a doorknob... But he wants to know what I know so he can create another excuse, another alibi.

You are right yo and I never did any deals and 95% of my business is from repeat customers, contactsi met over the years and i do not deal in high end - I deal in low to mid range stuff - and sell in bulk. My deals with bronco are auto/jersey bulk lots - last one 600 auto/jerseys for $2850 - a lot of nice mid range autos/patches - those are deals i do. I also sell alot of bulk insert card lots.

I read the board and don't post often. This is last post for me on topic - I tried to set record straight but the speculators like you continue to accuse bronco when he did nothing. I think it is wrong of u to accuse when u have no evidence - if u did that is a different story. Jason has been open and honest to anyone who seeks the truth. Good luck Jason - hope someday these guys really realize the truth about you.
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