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Originally Posted by NeedChapmans View Post
This guy is a real piece of work.

About five weeks ago, he offered me $440 for my Ozuna Purple Auto #1/10 and $600 for my Orange Seager Auto #1/25 and Gold Seager Auto #47/50. He paid immediately, received the cards, and thanked me.

The next day, he listed the cards on eBay trying to flip them ...

Item number:111068645406
Item number:111068653212
Item number:121107341279

8 days after he received the cards and listed them, he filed three "item not as described" cases with Paypal. This of course was after the Ozuna boom, and after Seager went on the DL (minor injury but likely the reason). Paypal immediately froze the funds. Today, after three weeks of frozen funds, Paypal emailed me to inform me I've "lost" and the items will be returned at which point the money will be returned to Balex1962. At no point did Paypal ask me for information or even my statement ... they just sided with the buyer.

This eBayer never reached out to me, contacted me, only hid behind Paypal to get a bogus refund. The sad reality of this is that any buyer can do this at any time for any reason ... they will get their money back. Whether you buy through eBay or not, does not matter.

So I ask you to block this person from your auctions, because if he is not able to resell the item; he will file a claim through Paypal.

Beware ...
Its the old investing on someone elses dime trick, with a twist. Your buyer just tried to flip, but he failed so now he wants his money back.This usually happens during football season. The usual way this is done is when a player gets hot and there cards start going up slowly,someone will buy a nice card or two from you of this player and hope the player breaks out with 2 or 3 straight monster games. If the player does have some great games they sell for a profit. If the player flops over the next few weeks after they bought the cards from you, they simply send them back and get a full refund. The buyer literally has nothing to lose. Actually some people will give it 6 whole weeks to see if the player breaks out as that is 42 days and they have 45 days to file a claim. Slimeball move but it happens all the time. People will also do it right before the World Series or NBA Finals as well. Buy a few nice cards of every player who is in the finals. If someone goes all Jordanesque they flip that players cards , make there profit from that player and simply return the rest of the cards for full refunds. Ebay allows them to do it and its never gonna change.
Its sad that a good number of the conversations in this hobby begin with "how much"
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