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Originally Posted by Bars and Bar View Post
The seller of the card (Njan4) sent me the following message after I left him a negative:

"I should have known you were a liar and a con artist. I refunded as I said I would. I will now forward all emails over to ebay security and let them know what you did. This is fraud. Good luck."

Did I do something wrong by returning a damaged card for a refund? I thought this was common practice. . What a joke.

I just dealt with the same guy on eBay (njan4) and had a horrible experience as well buying from him. Here's the auction listing: 2013 Bowman Dylan Bundy RC Red Wave Ice 16 25 Orioles Rookie | eBay

Here's a recap:
I won the auction on 6/24 at 9pm PT (12 Midnight on 6/25), paid him by 6/28. 3 days for payment sent is pretty much par for the course, especially when a seller doesn't list anything specific in the auction. Dude doesn't send out the card for 10 DAYS after I paid him, even though he charged me $3.99 for shipping. Seller finally sends out the card in an oversized toploader (at 120 pt.) with a piece of masking tape and no soft sleeve, and it looks like the card now has some slight damage to the back of it. After all that, I wasn't pleased about the experience and responded accordingly with neutral feedback, since I at least got the card. Dude messages me the following, trying to blame the whole thing back on me, saying I paid him late:

"I must say I am a bit confused about the neutral feedback. You paid almost a week late. I had vacation plans. I am not going to cancel my plans to wait for your payment. Give me a break. If you have a problem with people shipping on time,PAY ON TIME. I must say I have been on here a long time an seen some crazy stuff. This one ranks right up there."

Can't believe how bad of a seller this guy is.... can't believe anyone wants to deal with him for treating customers so poorly. I replied and called him out on his BS, but I'm sure it falls on deaf ears. Suffice it to say, he's not getting any more of my business, and I think all others should avoid dealing with him as well.
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I am not defending Ninja
However, I find it laughable that no one has mentioned what kind of crap the OP would have had to put in his PMs to have ebay remove the neg.

I am sure OP will say XYZ but, if ebay removed it then it was a threat,blatant harassment or a scam they were able to pick up on or he was vulgar or offensive in the feedback comment...or childish.

Ebay does not remove negs once a refund is issued. I find fault in another members assertion that such happened to him.
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