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Old 08-31-2010, 05:44 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Arrow Anyone else having problems with thundafan2112??

Well we had a deal I send him $25 and he gives me a Jerry west patch /10. He sent me a pm on august 14th saying he received them and will ship next day. Well, he hasn't been in since then on this forum so I tried contacting him through eBay. He responded last Tuesday saying that he will ship first thing Wednesday morning. He hasn't answered any of my pm's since then. The cards haven't came in yet and I'm sure I gave him the right address because I made him double check he got it right. Oh and he was suppose to ship proitity. What do I do? He hasn't been on here since the 14th and hasn't answered my pm's since last tuesday. Please help me out!
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Send a message via AIM to avjp87

You sent him cash?? If so, you're SOL it sounds like. Sorry.
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Join Date: May 2009
Location: Utah :(
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sadly I don't have paypal. I'm just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem. He has good feedback in eBay.
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Yes, I had some issues with Brian. I paid him as a gift (dumb- but he's from Iowa, and I trust Iowans) in late July for a lot of Ginter minis.

One week went by, no cards. I pm'd him and he said that they were returned to him for insufficient postage. As I needed them for a show, he asked if I wanted a refund or him to mail the cards out again. I opted for the latter.

Another week went by, no cards. I pm'd him again and he said that the package was returned for being "too wide". Again, he offered a refund (and promised to send the cards out again).

I received neither refund nor cards.

Finally, after repeated attempts to contact him here, I sent him a message on Ebay. I heard back from him within an hour, and had my refund within two hours.

Here's what he said:

That is correct I have not been on blowout for awhile because i have been involved in a move to oklahoma. I had shipped all the cards from my school at Oklahoma State via the Union Post Office when I got hear but since then I have had a shipping Nightmare. Since the Union here at my school is in a full renovation everything here has been extremely slow since everything is now ran out of trailers instead of the union due to the renovation. You are not the only person with this problem. What i decided to do is everyone that has not received their items will get a full refund and the cards for free as well. Please give me your paypal address if you haven't seen a refund posted in the next 3 hours.

I'd recommend sending him a message via Ebay. He was responsive, and although it was frustrating to have so many things go wrong, he could easily have turned the other way because of the fact I sent a gift payment.

Hope that helps!
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For the time being I can only commit to getting to the post office on Saturdays, so it may take me longer to ship.
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