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Originally Posted by BroncosFAN#1 View Post
I made a rant about this crap in the football section. I have never seen as many redemptions in one product as I have Certified this year. My set of Freshman Fabric was fun to build but would have been a lot better had 14 of the 35 not been redemptions. I have 23 in the Panini system and when I called Thursday, they told me they had none back yet. Then this guy comes out with some BS message. I think they are acting like they can do what they want since UD is out of the way. They are replacing UD as far as business ethics go. Alls I wanna say is FU panini. your very close to losing my business forever. Stick to pasta and pizza
Bottom line is they suck at what they do. Like I said, any other company would already be out of business following these practices.
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All I know is the amount of redemptions they put into their products this year is ridiculous. I understand that the players need to get autos back to the company, but if you are going to make a product and sell it you have to complete the process.
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I agree with everyone who said Limited Hockey this year was terrible for redemptions. There were quite a few in Timeless Treasures Basketball too. Also, so I don't get hosed when I redeem a card then wait for several months to get it and the the player has since cooled down or got injured, I sell every rookie redemption I get. If it's for a rookie, its as good as gone. In most cases, by the time you get it, several different products will have released and people will be going for those sets.
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