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Please be advised that any users posting their email address as a LINK will be Banned shortly. You can post your email address for trading purposes but not as a Link or Signature. Please make the necessary changes and feel free to use the Private message feature to email back and forth.
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Default Email as a LINK

Chris/Pat (and everyone else!)

Please be advised that if you type your email in a message this board will automatically create it as a link. I also tried to edit past messages in which I did this but was unable to remove the link. So, please clarify ... we cannot use our email addresses in messages or in a signature?
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Thanks for the update tim...still working out the bugs. We have revised the general rules.

A few General Board Rules..we will add to these as they come up.

-If you feel that a member is posting something inappropriate, please email and we will review the postings. Since we do not have a full time moderator... the control of the boards is truly in the hands of the members.
-Sales of single cards are permitting. Please out of courtesy, no sales of wax on the Message boards or mention of other competitors. We have many competitors on this board checking daily due to the excellent insight that our members provide.
-Posting of a user's E-Mail address is allowed just not in your SIGNATURE portion of your posting.
-Communication with other members can be done on the site also using the Private Messages Feature (PM)
-Any member trying to accumulate or Collect email addresses for their own bulk email purposes will be banned. This includes any creative attempt or act promoted as something positive on the message boards.
-If anyone has anything to add..please email us also at

Thanks for your cooperation.
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What about links based to say your Ebay listings (exactly what I have now)?
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