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Default Captain America 1st Avenger cases #3 & 4

After a solid first case and a great sketch puzzle in my second case, I had to try some more. "Case" #3 was actually 12 loose boxes... last weekend DA sold out of their CA cases and boxes, and on Monday, they only had boxes listed for sale. So I bought 12 and hoped they would send me a sealed case, unfortunately they didn't. I should have waited, because on Tuesday they had cases listed again, so I picked up one.

"Case" #3 (actually 12 loose boxes)

autograph (1): Kenneth Choi
print plate (1): #32 yellow

costumes (7): Peggy Carter x2, Dr. Zola x3, Dum Dum Dugan, Jacques Dernier

sketches (9): Hornet by John Ace Evangelista / Captain America by Jerry Gaylord / Vision by Gilbert Monsanto

Captain America by Zane Donnellan / Captain America by Sebastian Mazuera / Captain America by Bruce Gerlach

??? by Tod Allen Smith / Doctor Strange by Chris Foreman / Wonder Man by Lord Mesa

So just an ok case, the Donnellan sketch has some amazing pencil work, and the Foreman sketch is cool. Kinda annoying to get 3 Dr. Zola costume cards, but 2 Peggy Carter costume cards was nice, especially since both were the red variant, I didn't see many of that variant on ebay.

Case #4

autograph (1): Kenneth Choi
print plates (2): #21 black, #44 yellow

costume cards (6): Peggy Carter x2, Dr. Erskine, Red Skull, Dr. Zola, Steve Rogers

sketches (9): Hawkeye by Lord Mesa / Spider Man by Gilbert Monsanto / Amphibion by Frankie B. Washington

Thor by Irma Ahmed / Venom by Travis Walton / Captain America by Rich Molinelli

Captain America by Jason Adams / Crossbones by Mark McKenna / ??? by "Profesone" Mark Henry

You know it's a rough case when the top 5 hits are probably the autograph, print plates, and a couple of costume cards (and you didn't hit a SSP one) and not the sketches. The Monsanto, Ahmed, and Adams sketches were cool, but most of the rest were kinda blah. I'm especially dissapointed that I didn't get a sketch puzzle in either case, although I did get a part of a 2 card puzzle. The Molinelli puzzle is possibly the worst puzzle you could pull from this set, and Upper Deck gives me only half of it??? Sigh...

Well, hopefully the next cases are better, I have a couple more on the way. If anyone can identify the characters on the Smith and Profesone sketches, I would appreciate it!
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they can't all be good my friend, the loose boxes were actually better than the sealed case thats crazy
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That Foreman Dr. Strange is awesome! I actually have him doing a piece for me right now.
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It's not One Sketch card per box?
Only shipping in the U.S.
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Originally Posted by IronMonkey415 View Post
It's not One Sketch card per box?
Unfortunately not, it usually averages 8-10 per case.
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That Spider Man by Gilbert Monsanto is wicked
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I also like that Dr. Strange, it is a very nice sketch!
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Old 06-12-2012, 02:22 PM   #8 (permalink)
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Thanks for the positive comments, there were definately some cool sketches in the cases. I know not every sketch can be a masterpiece, but it sure hurts when you pull something silly like an aqua-man wannabe (where most of the color is a stupid fish that is swimming by) or half a face.

Can anyone id the characters in the Tod Allen Smith sketch and the Profesone sketch?

I see that the case prices went up again today, so the cases I ordered this past weekend will likely be my last. Hopefully I will go out with a bang... and hopefully ebay will have a free listing day soon, I have a bunch of sketch cards to list. And if anyone else got their orders in before the price increase, hope you pull something cool!
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Old 06-12-2012, 02:34 PM   #9 (permalink)
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I missed out before the price jumped so I think I'm done, but on a positive note, I've been able to trade a lot of the costumes for great PC sketches. I'll probably be bidding on a few of your previous pulls if they get listed.
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