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Default Portraits of Poe 5 Pack Break- The Keeze!

Got these packs in yesterday and just got around to posting the break this morning.

This first card got me. Finally. I'm generally very good at attributing a sketch card to an artist through research. But I just can't place who "JB" is. Looking at the artist list, there's a JF, JH, and a JK, but no JB. Off the top of my head Jomar Bulda is the only JB I can think of, but it's definitely not him... Sorry guys, I need some help on this one.

Lin Zy - Anabelle Lee

Ashleigh Popplewell - The Raven
Matt Busch/Bill Pulkovsky Jam - The Raven (Case Incentive)
Jay Fosgitt - The Raven

What's funny about this one is that I opened these on my lunch break from work on a particularly busy day for me while none of my coworkers had anything to do themselves, and was kinda in a bad mood. So when I pulled my 3'rd picture of a raven in a row, while it was a really nice raven, I said screw it, I'm going back to work. And when I looked at the signature I had no idea who "Con Fre" even was! It wasn't until I finally got home later that day and tried to figure out who the artist was that I blood drops on the border of the card got me thinking of Gary Kezele. A "C" is more or less a "G", right? and an "O" could certainly be an "a"... so I looked up his signature and sure enough I have my first Kezele! It's a beautiful card too.

But I think you can see my frustration somewhat. I get it. The Raven is a very famous poem by Edgar Allen Poe. But two things- 1) HE DID OTHER STUFF TOO! and 2) It was about more than JUST a bird! Pulling 4 pictures of a bird in an Poe break just doesn't seem to capture the works of Poe for me. And if I am going to pull a ton of The Raven cards, it'd be nice to see more of the poem than just the bird. It's purely the luck of the draw of course, but variety would've been nice. A Pit & the Pendulum, a Tell-Tale Heart, a Cask of Amontillado? After this 6 card break I feel like I could be a Maester on Game of Thrones now.

But that's just me being picky =P The sketches ARE all very nice, and I don't think you're allowed to complain about anything when you pull The Keeze, so I'll leave it at that. Considering ordering a few more packs of this to chase the Nina Edlunds, but I dread pulling another Raven. (Nina Edlund by the way did 6 cards for the set, and didn't even USE The Raven!)

That being said, If anyone happens to pull Nina Edlund's "Anabelle Lee" card that's one I'd love to have more than any card I currently own, so I'd love a shot at trading for it or purchasing it.
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The Kezele is amazing! I really like the Popplewell too. I might have to order a couple packs because I love The Raven so much!
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Originally Posted by ekalbnz View Post
The Kezele is amazing! I really like the Popplewell too. I might have to order a couple packs because I love The Raven so much!

Thanks- that's a really bad scan too. I think there's a lot of dust on there I need to clean off that makes the blackness not look as strong as it does on the card. It's a really nice set. I hope I left some Ravens for you!
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I love the Jay Fosgitt sketch. I think it's hilarious!
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