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Hope you get your asking price.

Cryptozoic Walking Dead S3 Part 1 Redemption Card Oversized Dual Auto Wardrobe | eBay
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Originally Posted by SerialKilnWalkr View Post

The Glen/Maggie dual from S2 recently sold for $850 and the Shane triple Wardrobe went for $1225 so I got to figure this redemption is considerably better than both those. Who knows though, maybe I will just redeem it.
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Busted my 2nd case. My luck ran out after that first case. I didnt get a sketch in this case. Here are the hits, scans to come soon. All cards are available including from the first case.

AM3 Melissa Mcbride
AM4 Irone Singleton
AM7 Sarah Wayne Callies

A1 Andrew Lincoln
A2 Norman Reedus
A5 Irone Singleton
A6 Melissa Mcbride
A7 Emily Kinney
A9 Lew Temple
A10 Vincent Ward
A11 Scott Wilson
A12 Sarah Wayne Callies

Season 2 M37
M23 X2

Prop SC-01 (regular version)

Color Metal Card #42 Broken but together

I also got one of those color test cards.

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How did your luck run out?! You got a prop card! Sucks about the sketch. I read that wrong at first, thought you said you didgeridoo one. What's a color test card?

Lmfao. I'm gunna leave it cuz auto correct is stupid.

Did get one*
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Previous post has been updated with pics.

The color test card pops up in a lot of cryptos sets. Usually they have a border that is recognizable from the set, this one has no border,
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