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TKCards 03-24-2013 11:46 AM

The last of the Hot For Teacher at my LCS.
I went to my local shop for 2 more boxes yesterday and ended up opening the 5 that were left. All in all, a great 5 boxes with 4 cards #'ed to 5, 3 cards #'ed to 10 and the 2 Hair cards, one of which I think is an error. the bigger hits are below.
Thanks, Todd

Sorry for the large scans. Haven't quite figured out the re-sizing buttons yet.

Lisa Gleave- Class Cuts Hair Cut Auto # 06/15
Brande Roderick- Class Cuts Hair Cut # 15/15 (No Auto- Has to be an error.)


Melissa Riso- Schoolgirl Swatch Auto # 05/10
Katie Lohmann- Schoolgirl Swatch Auto # 09/10
Crystal Harris- Knee High Sox Swatch Auto # 3/5


April Scott- Blue Ink Auto # 2/5
Jessica Burciaga- Blue Ink Auto # 4/5
Shay Lyn Veasy/Jessica Hall- Hall Pass Dual Blue Ink Auto # 2/5


Other Pulls Not Pictured:

April Scott- Kiss Auto Green Ink # 06/10
Lisa Gleave- Inscriptions Auto # 19/25 "I'm a hands on learner xx"
Lisa Gleave #/50 & Brandie Moses #/25- Knee High Swatches
Torrie Wilson #/50, Candace Kita #/50 & Kirsty Lingman #/25- Schoolgirl Swatches
Nikki Ziering #/20, Cristal Camden #/20 & Brooke Morales #/25- Base Autos
Brandy Grace #/50- High Heel

Also opened an 09 Archive box and pulled an April Scott- Bikini Swatch # 09/10.

jsportscards 03-24-2013 01:33 PM

Pm me on torrie thanks

jeeptrader 03-24-2013 06:59 PM

now that is some nice stuff! pm me for a possible swap for the boys pc!

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