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Default Grimm 3 case break

My three cases of Grimm produced the following results:

Case 1:

Props: GPR-5, 6, 7, 8

Costumes: GC-1, GC-2, GC-3, GC-4, GC-5 x 2
GC-6 x 2, GC-7, GC-8 x 2, GC-9, GC-12
GC-14, GC-16, GC-17, GC-19, GC-21


Claire Coffee CCAC-1
Claire Coffee CCAC-2
Danielle Panabaker DPAC-1
David Giuntoli DGAC-2
Titus Welliver TWAC-2
Neil Hopkins NHAC-2
Frederick Koehler FKAC-2
Brad William Henke BHAC-2
Sasha Roiz SRAC-2
Silas Weir Mitchell SWAC-2
Bitsie Tulloch BTAC-2
Bree Turner BRTAC1

Case 2:

Props: GPR-1, 3, 4, 5, 10

Costumes: GC-1 x 2, GC-3, GC-4, GC-5, GC-6
GC-8, GC-9, GC-10, GC-11, GC-13
GC-14 x 2, GC-16 x 2, GC-17, GC-19
GC-20, GC-21


Danielle Panabaker DPAC-1
David Giuntoli DGAC-1
Titus Welliver TWAC-1
Neil Hopkins NHAC-1
Frederick Koehler FKAC-1
Brad William Henke BHAC-1
Silas Weir Mitchell SWAC-1
Kenneth Mitchell KMAC-1
Bitsie Tulloch BTAC-1
Bree Turner BRTAC-1
Russell Hornsby RHAC-1

Autograph Printing Plate:

Sasha Roiz SRAC-1

Case 3:

Props: GPR-1, 2, 3, 4

Costumes: GC-1, GC-2 x 2, GC-3, GC-4, GC-5
GC-6, GC-7, GC-8, GC-9, GC-10
GC-11, GC-13, GC-14, GC-15, GC-16
GC-17, GC-18, GC-19, GC-20


Reggie Lee RLAC-1
Reggie Lee RLAC-2
Danny Bruno DBRAC-1
Danny Bruno DBRAC-2
Frederick Koehler FKAC-1
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Russell Hornsby RHAC-1
Russell Hornsby RHAC-2
Daniel Baldwin DBAC-1
Daniel Baldwin DBAC-2
Kenneth Mitchell KMAC-1
Kenneth Mitchell KMAC-2


Steven Miller

I contacted Tom at Breygent who told me that there are a total of 22 signed printing plates distributed throughout this release. Four actors signed the plates. The breakdown being:

MMAC-1 = 3
SRAC-1 = 4
SWAC-1 = 7
RHAC-1 = 8

Each plate substitutes for that regular autograph card which is why my second case only had 11 autographs.

The image below shows my 3-case incentive sketch by Ed Cherniga, my box pulled sketch by Steven Miller and the B&W metal printing plate signed by Sasha Roiz:

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Intestingly enough my first case broke down exactly like your third case autograph wise.
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