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IronMonkey415 11-16-2012 05:42 PM

One Mars Sketch card FS
$13.00 Paypal


IronMonkey415 11-21-2012 11:20 PM

MARTIAN!!! Beam ME Up!!

katzky 11-22-2012 03:08 PM

I'll Take it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

IronMonkey415 11-22-2012 07:57 PM

Cool, I remember you buying a Silver Mars Attack from me on ebay...good times.

katzky 11-23-2012 09:35 PM

Oh right... I just got it today. Funny... I was thinking you must have lost money on that one. 5$ BIN Free shipping. Shipping cost was 2.80$. I kind of felt bad about that.

Ill make it up to you by buying that awful Zack G sketch at your full 5.50$ price. Sound fair?


IronMonkey415 11-23-2012 09:39 PM

Someone else contacted me about that other sketch card. I'll give him one more day to see if he want to buy it.

katzky 11-23-2012 09:46 PM

Sounds fair to me.

katzky 11-24-2012 09:03 PM

So this + that Zack G card = 18.50$US?

IronMonkey415 11-24-2012 11:05 PM

Yea I could do that...thanks

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