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Default Iggy's Black Friday (and beyond) sale

Tons of stuff here and lots more to be posted including Star Trek and Bond autos and other things. If anyone has want lists for Star Trek inserts feel free to shoot them my way.

Some stuff here in my bucket ...

Black Friday 2012 Photos by igman7 | Photobucket

Star Trek Complete TNG Autos
Gates McFadden (Quotable) $45
Susan Diol $25
Natalija Nogulich $7
Jonathan Del Arco $7
Barbara Alyn Woods $5
Albie Selznick $5
William Lithgow $5
Vyto Ruginis $5
Joshua Harris $5
Gabriel Damon $5
Chad Allen $5
Jane Daly $5
Richard Fancy $3
Ron Canada $3
J.D. Cullum $3
Jeffery Hayenga $3
Eve Brenner $5
Stephen Lee $3
Hallie Todd $3
Megan Cole $3
Barbara Williams $3

Star Trek Enterprise Autos $5ea unless noted
BBA5 Elaine Klimaszewski $10
MAC01 Steven Culp $10
MAC02 Nathan Anderson
A9 D.C. Douglas
A10 Zach Grenier
A12 Gregg Henry
A11 Robert O’Riley
A14 Brigid Brannagh $10
A16 Suze Plakson
A19 Keone Young
A21 Aaron Lustig
A24 Casey Biggs
A25 Rick Worthy
A26 Scott MacDonald
A27 Tucker Smallwood
A31 Robert Rusler

Star Trek Misc. Autos
Complete Movies A83 Alan Ruck $15
Women of Star Trek Voyager A7 Tracey Ellis $7
Nemeses RA5 Alan Scarfe $5
TOS A210 Carol Daniels $5
TOS A246 Jerry Ayers $3

Star Trek insert Sets (* indicates singles available)
*35th Anniversary Best of Bones $25
*Voyager CTH Captain Proton $20
*Voyager Profiles Seven of Nine (including SP foil) $50
*Complete Animated Adventures CD-ROM Box Topper $50
First Contact Characters $30 (due to some chipping on a couple of cards)
*DS9 Profiles Latinum Profiles $45
Nemesis Box Topper (inserted in Enterprise Season 1) $40
*Master Series II Triptych $15
*The Next Generation Seasons1-7 Foil/Embossed (all 42 cards) $75

Star Trek Complete Movies Costume Cards
MC2 Spock $15
MC6 Uhura $5
MC7 CPO Rand $5
MC8 Lt. Ilia $10
MC9 Uhura $5
MC10 Lt. Saavik (Kirstie Alley) $8
MC11 Dr. McCoy $8
MC21 Dr. Marcus $5
MC13 Chekov (Black) $8
MC15 Data $5
MC16 Riker (Black) $10
MC16 Riker (Purple) $10
MC17 Data (case topper from another set) $15

Star Trek 40th anniversary Costume Cards $8ea
C14 Seska
C22 Tal Shira
C23 Founder Leader

Women of Star Trek Costume Cards
WCC25 E’Tyshra $5
WCC26 Lt. Jaryn $8

Quotable Deep Space 9 Costume
C9 Capt. Sisko $7

Enterprise Season 4 Costume Cards
C8 Silik $15
C11 Lt. Talas $10
C12 Lt. Talas $10
C14 Persis $10
C15 Raakin $10
C16 Soval $10

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Pm sent...
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How much for the Virginia Madsen ?
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Like the Kitty Ditties Duron Sketch and the Benchwarmers Triple. What are you asking for them?
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All PM's replied to.
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As additions listed above!
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