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Default Base Set Blitz.

I have too many base sets, so I'd love to sell or trade 'em for sketches and autographs, or potentially other stuff, but small stuff. . . these are just taking up too much space. . . I have duplicates of many of these sets, and would love to arrange a local trade -- can meet at the National Sports Card Convention or Wizard World. Most of these sets have been pulled from their packs and stored in plastic boxes for a very long time, some I sorted and others came from collections and things along the way. . . these sets weren't cherry picked for condition, just put together from packs.

A price is required, so if you'd like the entire lot of 'em including duplicate sets I'd sell for $9000 cash, delivered locally - if you are interested and serious PM me -- in addition to the sets I'd include a pile of sorted cards, and unsorted cards that will make sets.

Basically all of these sets are in plastic boxes or factory boxes...

Let's make some deals!

Clive Barker Trading Cards Fantaco 1993
Fringe Seasons 3 and 4
Valiant Preview Set (Rittenhouse Archives)
Britannia (Unpleasant Dreams)
Lace (Rhibone)
Contemporary Pinups Puzzle Jams
Contemporary Pinups

Island Dreams
Island Dreams 2
Nevermore Alice 1
Angels and Demons
Treasure Chests and Booty
Bettie Page Box 2
Game of Thrones 1 & 2
Parks and Recreation
Red Sonja
American Pie
Olympic Hopefuls
Pete Rose the Living Legend
Mars Attacks Heritage

101 Dalmations
24 Seasons 1 and 2
6 Million Dollar Man Complete
Abbott and Costello
Ace Ventura
Achilleos I, Chris
Ackermonster's Cardiac Cards
Addams Family (Movie)
AIDS Awareness
Alias 2
Alias 3
Alias 4
Alien III
Alien Legacy
Alien Nation
Alien Vs. Predator Requiem
All My Children
All Time Tunes
American Bandstand
American Biker Cards
American Heritage: American Heroes
American Heritage: Heroes Lincoln/Obama
Americana II Retail
Americana Retail
Andy Griffith II
Angel 4
Animal Mystic
Archie (Skybox)
Art of Coca Cola
Art of Curves
Artist's Choice
Astounding Sci-Fi
Austin Powers
Avengers Color
Avengers I
Avengers III
Awesome All-Stars
Babylon 5 Profiles Mini-Master
Babylon 5 Season 5
Barbie '95
Barbie: Another First for Barbie (French)
Barlowe, Wayne
Barr, Ken the Beast Within
Batman Forever (Not Ultra)
Batman Forever Metal
Batman Forever Stickers
Batman Hologram
Batman Master Series
Batman Movie I
Batman Movie I w/ Stickers
Batman Movie II
Batman Returns Factory
Batman Returns Ultra
Batman Saga of the Dark Knight
Battle of the Planets
Battlefield Earth Movie
Battlestar Galactica (Dart)
Battlestar Galactica Complete
Bean, Mr
Beanie Babies III
Beatles (Sports Time)
Beatles Yellow Submarine
Beauty and the Beast (Pro Set)
Beetlejuice Boxed Set (Neca 2001)
Berkey, John I
Berkey, John II
Bettie 2000
Betty Boop I
Betty Boop II
Bevery Hillbillies
Bill and Teds
Bill Nye the Science Guy
Black Hole
Blair Witch
Blood + Roses (Sky) Signed
Bloom County
Blueprints of the Future
BMX Racing
Bond: Connoisseur 1
Bond: Connoisseur 2
Bond: Connoisseur 3
Bond: Goldeneye
Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies
Bone Chrome
Bone Dragonslayer
Boris I
Boris II
Boris III
Boris Stickers
Boris, Best Of
Boris/Julie Strokes of Genius
BSG Complete
Buffy Big Bads
Buffy I
Buffy II
Buffy Reflections
Buffy Reflections
Buffy Season 1
Buffy: Big Bads
Campbells Colleciton
Captain Scarlet
Casey and Killdare Lost Cards Set
Cast of Chaos
Cat in the Hat
Chadwick, Paul
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Charmed Forever
Charmed: Destiny
Charmed: Forever
Charmed: Power of Three
Cherry, David
Christina Aguilera
Chronicles of Riddick
Clive Barker's Box of Blood
Close Encounters
Coaster Cards (Nostalgicards)
Coke Polar Bears
Coke Sign of Good Taste
Comic Greats '98
Comic Images Supreme
Comics Future Stars
Complete Avengers
Conan Art of the Hyborian Age
Conan II
Conan: The Marvel Years
Corben, Richard
Creed Stickers
Creed w/Chase
Crocodile Hunter
Crocodile Hunter
Crow City of Angels
CSI mini master
Cyberforce Premier
Cyberforce Summer
Dallas w/Variations
Dark Angel
Dawn 15th Anniversary
DC Bloodlines
DC Comics Master Series
DC Cosmic Cards
DC Cosmic Teams
DC Legacy
DC Master Series
DC Milestone
DC Outburst
DC Outburst
DC Outburst w/ Firepower
DC Villians
DC VS Marvel
Dean, Roger
Deathwatch 2000
Definitive Dawn
Demolition Man
Desert Storm (Topps) w/ stickers
Desert Storm (Yellow Ribbon)
Dinosaurs Attack (w/ stickers)
Dinosaurs Attack (w/ stickers/wrappers)
Dinosaurs Mesozioc
Disney (Impel)
Doctor Who 4
Donkey Kong
Don't Let it Happen Here
Dorian Cleavenger
Dorman, Dave Chrome
Dr. Paul Bearer's Horrible Horror
Dr. Who I (Strictly Ink)
Dr. Who III
Dracula (Movie)
Dukes of Hazzard (1983)
Earthmovers II
Easter Holidays (Fleer)
Eggleton, Bob
Elvgren, Gil II
Elvira Mistress of Omnichrome
Elvira Mistress of the Dark
Elvis Platinum
Elvis: By The Numbers
Elvis: The Music
Evil Ernie II (Glow)
Evil Ernie III
Exotic Dreams
Family Guy Season 1
Famous Comic Creators
Farscape Mini-Master
Fire Engines 4
Foss, Chris
Fox Kids
Frazetta II
Frazetta, Best Of
Free Willy II
Garbage Pail Kids ANS4
Garbage Pail Kids Buttons
Garbage Pail Kids Flashback (A)
Garbage Pail Kids Flashback (B)
Garbage Pail Kids II
Garbage Pail Kids III
Garbage Pail Kids IV
Garbage Pail Kids V
Garbage Pail Kids VI
Garfield (2004)
Garfield (Krome)
Garfield (Skybox) w/tatoos
Garfield Movie
Garfield Movie Stickers
Garfield Stickers (2004)
Gargoyles w/pop-ups
Gen 13
Ghost Busters II
Ghost Rider II
GI Joe 30th
Gilligan's Island
Godzilla (Inkworks)
Godzilla (JPP)
Golden Age of Comics
Gone With The Wind
Gong Show
GPK ANS4 +Base GC+Tats
GPK ANS4 MiniMstr -Foil GCs
GPK ANS4+Base Game Cards
Grande Illusions (w/ autograph)
Growing Pains w/ stickers
Hagar the Horrible
Hammer Horror 2
Hammer Horror 2 (w/checklist)
Happy Days (Duo Cards)
Happy Days (Duo Cards)
Harley 2
Harry Potter 3D 2nd Edition
Harry Potter POA Update
Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone
Heavy Metal FAKK 2
Heavy Metal Movie
Heavy Metal, Art of
Hellboy Sword of Storms
Hercules (Disney)
Heroes 1
Heroes 2
Heroes Archives
Heroes of 9/11
Hildebrandt II
Hildebrandt, Brothers
Hildebrandt, Tim Flights of Fantasy
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Hollywood Pinups
Hulk Movie (Upper Deck)
Hulk Playing Cards
Ice Age
Image Universe
Images of Josephine
Incredible Hulk (Comic Images)
Incredible Hulk (Topps)
Indian Motorcycles
Indiana Jones - Crystal Skull
Indiana Jones - Heritage
Iron Man II
Jason Goes to Hell
Jaws 2
Johnny Quest
Jones, Jeffrey 1
Judge Dredd Epics
Judge Dredd Movie
Judgement Day
Jurassic Park Lost World
Jurassic Park w/ stickers
Jusko ERB I
Jusko, Joe ERB II
Justice League (Inkworks)
Kaluta, Michael I
Kaluta, Michael II
Kelly, Ken I
Kelly, Ken II
Kelly, Ken Stickers
Kidd, Tom
King Kong (Eclipse)
Kingdom Come Extra
Kingdom Come Extra w/ Boards
Kirby, Jack Tribute
Kirby, Jack Unpublished
Kiss (1978)
Kiss 360
Kiss II (Cornerstone)
Knight Rider
Kunstler Blue and Gray
Kunstler Wild West
Lady Death: Dark Alliance
Lady Death: Night Gallery
Lady Death: The Covenant
Language of Tea
Last Action Hero
Legends and Lore
Lethal Strike
Linser, Joe Dawn and Beyond
Lion King I
Lion King II
Lionel Trains
Little Mermaid (Pro Set)
Little Mermaid (Upper Deck)
Lois and Clark
Lone Ranger (Dart)
Looney Tunes Back in Action
Lost in Space Movie
Lost in Space TV
LOTR Flipz (Retail)
LOTR Masterpieces
LOTR: Masterpieces II
LOTR: TT Flipz
Lucy Moments and Memories
Macleod, Lee
Mad I
Magnum PI
Maitz, Don I
Maitz, Don II
Marilyn 2000
Marilyn Monroe II
Mars Attacks Archives
Mars Attacks Movie
Marvel Creators Collection
Marvel Creators Mini Master
Marvel Creators Sketchboards (Yellow)
Marvel Flair '94
Marvel Legends
Marvel Masterpices 94
Marvel Masterpieces 1992
Marvel Masterpieces 2007
Marvel Masterpieces 2007 Holofoil
Marvel Masterpieces I
Marvel Masterpieces II
Marvel Masterpieces III
Marvel Motion
Marvel Onslaught
Marvel Qfx
Marvel Silver Age
Marvel Universe I
Marvel Universe III
Marvel Universe IV
Marvel Universe IV
Marvel Universe V
Marvel Vision
Marvel Vs. DC
Marvel Vs. Wildstorm
Mask of Zorro
Masterpiece Collection
Masters of Metallic Fantasy
Mattingly, Don
Maxx (Wildstorm)
Meanie Babies
Men In Black
Men in Black 2
Miller Beer
Miller, Ron's Firebrands
Monkees (1993)
Monty Python (Holy Grail)
More and Mindy w/stickers
More than Battlefield Earth
Mortal Kombat I (Classic)
Munsters 2
Muppets Take the Ice
National Lampoons
Native Americans
New American Pinups
Norman Saunders
Not a Lie from My Mouth
Olivia 98
Olivia II
Olivia III
Olivia Obsessions in Omnichrome
Operation Yellow Ribbon
Outerlimits (Duocards)
Pac Man
Painted Cow
Pam, Best of (Anderson)
Peanuts I
Pepsi II
Petty Girl
Phantom Movie
Planet of the Apes Movie
Pokemon Movie
Popcardz Gold Parallel
Portfolio Swimwear
Potter, JK
Psycho Killers (Zone)
Rage 2000
Rage 2000 Parallel
Rage 2000 Stickers
Razor Metal/Flesh
Razor Poker
Ren and Stimpy Prisms
Rizzuto, Phil's National Pastime
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (55)
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (88)
Robot Carnival
Rockwell, Norman I
Rocky Horror (Comic Images)
Rocky II
Roger Rabbit
Rowena Chrome
Rowena I
Royo 2
Royo Millenium
Royo, Best of
Royo, Secret Desires
Rupple Robh
Sachs and Violins
Salvador Dali
Samurai Jack
Saturday Night Live
Saucer People
Savage Dragon (Comic Images)
Savage Dragon (Wildstorm)
Saved By The Bell
Saved By The Bell College
Scooby Doo 2
Scooby Doo Movie
Scooby Doo Mysteries/Monsters
Scorpion King
Sgt. Peppers
Shadowhawk (Comic Images)
Shi Visions of a Golden Empire
Shrek 2
Shrek The Third
Shrek The Third
Simpsons (Topps)
Simpsons Anniversary
Simpson's Film Cardz
Simpsons I (Skybox)
Simpsons II (Skybox)
Simpsons Mania
Sin City
Sirius Gallery
Six Feet Under
Sleepy Hollow
Small Soldiers
Small Soldiers (w/ tatoos)
Smallville Season 5
Smurfs Supercards
Snow White II
Soyrama I
Soyrama Silver and Satin
Space 1999
Space Shots 2
Spawn Movie
Spawn Toy Files
Spider-Man $.99
Spider-Man 3 Movie
Spider-Man II
Spider-Man McFarlane Era
Spider-Man Ultra 97
Spider-Man, Amazing
Spirit (Kitchen Sink)
Star Trek 1991 II
Star Trek DS9 Profiles
Star Trek Generations
Star Trek Nemesis
Star Trek Next Generation 7
Star Trek TNG (1992)
Star Trek TNG 4
Star Trek TNG 7
Star Trek TOS I
Star Trek Voyager 2
Star Trek Voyager 2
Star Wars Chromium Archives
Star Wars Clone Wars
Star Wars Clone Wars w/Stickers
Star Wars Episode I Series 2
Star Wars Episode I Series I
Star Wars Evolution
Star Wars Finest
Star Wars Galaxy III w/Lucasart
Star Wars Shadows of the Empire
Star Wars Trilogy (Merlin)
Star Wars Trilogy Widevision
Star Wars Widevision
Star Wars: Heritage
Stargate Movie
Stargate Season 7
Stargate Season 9
Stargate SG1-Season 1
Stargate SG1-Season 1 Mini Master
Stargate SG1-Season 5
Starship Troopers
Stout, Lost Worlds
Stout, William II
Street Fighter
Superman Hologram
Superman III
Superman Man of Steel Platinum
Superman Returns
Tales from the Crypt
Tank Girl
Tek World
Terminator 2 (Cardz) w/cyberetch
Terminator 2 Filmcardz
Terminator 2 Impel
Terminator 2 Topps
Terminator 3
Terminator Salvation
Terrorist Attack
Three Musketeers
Three Stooges (Breygent)
Three Stooges (DuoCards)
Three-D Damsels
Thunderbirds w/foils
Tick, The
Tomorrow Never Dies
Top Pilot Combat Helicopters
Top Pilot Warbirds
Total Recall
Transformers Playing Cards (Megatron)
Transformers Playing Cards (Optimus)
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen
Trolls (Norfin)
True Crime
True Crime II
TVs Coolest
Twight Zone: Complete
Twilight Zone 2
Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks (Factory -- unsealed)
Ultraverse II
Universal Monsters Illustrated
Unnatural Predators (Narrow House)
Valiant Era
Vampirella Blood Lust
Vampress Luxura
Vampress Luxura Master
Van Helsing
Veronica Mars Season 1
Veronica Mars Season 2
Vintage Movie Posters
Vintage Movie Posters (Classic)
Voltron Tatoos
Ward, Bill Torchy
Warren, Jim
Warren, Jim II
Warrior Nun Areala
WCW Embossed
WCW Impel
Whelan, Michael
White, Tim
Wild Wild West (Movie)
Wild Wild West (TV)
WildCATS (Topps)
WildCATS Animated
Wildstorm I
Witchblade Millenium
Wizard of Oz (DuoCards)
Wolverine I (Comic Images)
Wolverine Then Til Now II
Women in Terror
Women of Marvel
World of US Magna
Wrightson, Bernie I
Wrightson, Bernie II
Wrightson, Bernie Stickers
Wurts, Janny
WWE Heritage
WWF (Classic)
Xena 4-5
Xena Animated
Xena II (Topps)
X-Files I
X-Files II
X-Files III
X-Men $.99
X-Men (1991)
X-Men 1991 (Comic Images)
X-Men 2 (Skybox)
X-Men Action Flipz
X-Men Chrome
X-Men I (Skybox)
X-Men Last Stand
X-Men Movie
X-Men Oasis
X-Men Series 1
X-Men Series 2
X-Men Timelines
X-Men Timelines (w/recruits)
X-Men Ultra 94
X-Men Ultra 95
X-Men: The Last Stand
Yo MTv Raps Series I
You Slay Me w/Autos
Young Indiana Jones
Youngblood (Comic Images)
Youngblood (Skybox)

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The following sets are gone:

Donkey Kong
Kingdom Come Extra w/ Boards
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Deadworld sets now available. . .
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Added: Britannia (Unpleasant Dreams)
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Down to my last set of Game of Thrones Season 2.
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Local trade only? I live in NY but an interested in a few sets.
AJ Lee: 2013 Best of Silver & Gold Cards and 2013 Triple Threat Silver & Gold Base
Maria Kanellis: 2013 Benchwarmer National Letters: ANLS
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I'm happy to ship, so let's make a deal!
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Just in. . . One set of Lace (Rhibone)
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Just in. . .

Contemporary Pinups Puzzle Jams
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Contemporary Pinups added
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Valiant Preview Set (Rittenhouse Archives) added.
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Fringe Seasons 3 and 4 added.
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Gotta clear some space off my desk. . . here are some deals. . . more to be added later, will combine shipping. Duplicates of some of these available.

-----------------generated on
Britannia 2013 Unpleasant Dreams

Set Typical base set 1-4 $10

Valiant Preview Set 2013 Rittenhouse Archives

Set Typical base set 1-9 $15

Lace 2013 Rhibone

Set Typical base set 1-8 $7

Femforce 2011 Sadlittles

Set Typical base set 1-51 $3

Essence of Fairyland 2010 Sadlittles

Set Typical base set 1-51 $3

Legends and Lore 2009 Sadlittles

Set Typical base set 1-51 $3

PM/email me, or check these cards out on
Clicking the links above or under my id: webjon
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-----------------generated on
Red Sonja 2012 Breygent Marketing

Set Typical base set 1-72 $9

Set Typical base set 1-72 $3

Mars Attacks Heritage 2012 Topps

Set $9


Don't like a price -- TCM now has an offer feature.

Shipping prices depend on set size/weight, can be seen by clicking on the links, but is usually $3-4, will combine shipping, just ask for a total.
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Free 258 West Authentic C2E2 Convention exclusive set available with an order from TCM, just 'buy' it on TCM. Ships free too.

-----------------generated on
Contemporary Pinups 2012 Galan Sketch Art Productions

Typical base set 1-60 $5

Contemporary Pinups Puzzle Jams 2013 Galan Sketch Art Productions

Typical base set 1-41 $5

258 West Authentic 2012 258 West Authentic

C2E3 2013 Promo Set P1-P3 $0

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This just in. . .

-----------------generated on
Clive Barker Trading Cards 1993 Fantaco

Typical base set 1-50 $5

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PM has been sent
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No scans of these. . . If you'd like to see a photo let me know. . .

-----------------generated on
Olivia 98 1998 Comic Images

Typical base set 1-72 $5
Gone with the Wind 1996 Duocards

Typical base set 1-90 $5
TV's Coolest Classics 1998 Inkworks

Typical base set 1-90 $5
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-----------------generated on
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2003 Strictly Ink

Typical base set 1-100 $5
Best of Dave Dorman Chromium 1996 FPG

Typical base set 1-90 $5
Island Dreams 2012 Marty and Boos Cards

Typical base set 1-15 $3

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Some sets sold on eBay. . . updated above. . .
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Just got some more Transformers Optimum Collection -- great set!
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Posts: 752

Dawn New Horizons Sets available -- limited to only 151 cases. Complete set $10 + shipping

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