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Default Random Mix of Autos & Mem FT/FS

There some upcoming releases I am considering getting since I'm back to collecting and that means I need to clear out a drawer or two. I am looking to sell these or trade for the following- I'd be willing to do cards+cash for these as well (a lot of the cards for trade are admittedly scrubs compared to the wanted list). If you are interested in trading for or buying any, shoot me a PM or post with what you're interested in and an offer.

Angelina Jolie Tomb Raider Auto
Frank Oz Auto (Star Wars Widevision)
Peggy Carter Swatch (UD Captain America)
Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley Auto
Liam Neeson Auto
Jeff Bridges Auto
Emma Watson (Hermione) relics/prop cards (rarer ones)
Iron Man I 2 Case Incentive Armor Cards
2009 Topps American Heritage Heroes Ed.; Heroes of Spaceflight Relics (HSFR-A11, HSFR-A15, HSFR-AS, HSFR-SSD, HSFR-SSA), American Heroism Relics (AHR-FDR2, AHR-JK, AHR-TR, AHR-SL?)
Martin Sheen Auto (Babylon 5)
George Sr. & Barbara Bush Auto (Americana)
Alan Bean Auto
Co-Signers Moon Shots Astronaut Autographs (excluding duals w/ sports players)


Pop Century
BA-BS1 Boo Boo Stewart /25 AUTO
BA-AW1 Amy Weber AUTO
BA-RR1 Richard Roundtree AUTO
BA-JW1 Jimmy Walker AUTO
BA-ODA Olivia D’Abo AUTO
BA-SA1 Sean Astin AUTO
BA-FW1 Fred Williamson AUTO
BA-MK1 Margot Kidder AUTO
BA-ML1 The Unknown Comic AUTO
BA-AT1 Alan Thicke AUTO
AU-CC1 Charisma Carpenter AUTO
AU-TD1 Taylor Dayne AUTO
AU-DW1 Dawn Wells AUTO
AU-DD1 Donna D’Errico AUTO
AU-JK1 Jennifer Korbin AUTO
AU-MSJ Mia St. John AUTO
AU-BF1 Bethenny Frankel AUTO
AW-MB1 Michael Biehn Award Winners AUTO
AW-RR1 Richard Roundtree AUTO
AU-KW1 Kendra Wilkinson AUTO
WF-PF1 Peter Fonda Cyan Plate /1 AUTO
CS-NE/EG Nicole Eggert Erin Gray CoSigners /25 AUTO
SS-CE1 Carmen Electra Stunning Starlets AUTO
WF-VN1 Vince Neil Walk of Fame Gold /1 AUTO
KR-AT1 Alan Thicke Keeping It Real AUTO
BA-DR2 Dennis Rodman AUTO
AU-KP1 Kristen Prout Gold /5 AUTO
BA-AP2 Audrina Patridge AUTO
SS-AP2 Audrina Patridge Stunning Starlets AUTO
KR-KK2 Kim Kardashian Keeping It Real AUTO
BA-CZ1 Chuck Zito AUTO
AW-RM1 Rita Moreno Award Winners /50 AUTO
AU-AB1 Amber Benson AUTO
AU-JT1 Jeffrey Tambor /25 AUTO

Razor Uncirculated
A1 Rittenhouse First Wave Sebastian Spence as Cade Foster UNCIR AUTO
A-WC Inkworks The Dark is Rising Wendy Crewson as Mary Stanton UNCIR AUTO
A17 Rittenhouse Stargate SG-1 Colin Cunningham as Major Davis UNCIR AUTO
A9 Rittenhouse Highlander Marcia Strassman as Betsy Fields UNCIR AUTO
A17 Rittenhouse Battlestar Galactica Anne Lockhart as Lt. Sheba UNCIR AUTO
Inkworks Shoshannah Stern as Bonnie Richmond UNCIR AUTO
A-3 Inkworks The 4400 Billy Campbell as Jordan Collier UNCIR AUTO
A-6 Inkworks The 4400 Kaj-Erik Eriksen as Danny Farrell UNCIR AUTO
Inkworks Buffy Spike Juliet Landau as Drusilla UNCIR AUTO
A50 Inkworks Smallville Tahmoh Penikett as Wes Keenan UNCIR AUTO
A12 Rittenhouse Stargate SG-1 Carmen Argenziano as Jacob/Selmak UNCIR AUTO
A5 Inkworks Witchblade Eric Etebari as Ian Nottingham UNCIR AUTO

A229 Rittenhouse Star Trek TOS Gary Combs AUTO
A-27 Inkworks Lost April Grace as Ms. Klugh “Bea” AUTO
A-9 Inkworks The 4400 Richard Krahan as Marco Pacella AUTO
A220 Rittenhouse Star Trek TOS Kim Darby as Miri AUTO
A221 Rittenhouse Star Trek TOS Harry Basch as Dr. Brown AUTO
Rittenhouse Spartacus Blood & Sand Nick Tarabay as Ashur AUTO
Rittenhouse Spartacus Blood & Sand Erin Cummings as Sura AUTO
Rittenhouse Lost 1-5 Titus Welliver as Man in Black AUTO
Rittenhouse Lost 1-5 William Sanderson as Oldham AUTO
Rittenhouse Lost 1-5 Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert AUTO
PC-BRY UD Prominent Cuts Sabrina Bryan /3 CUT AUTO
Press Pass Rage Rob Dyrdek AUTO
Topps WWE Heritage III Maria Kanellis AUTO
Press Pass Rage Mike Escamilla AUTO
AU-GC1 Leaf MMA Gina Carano AUTO
WWE Insider Trish Stratus AUTO
ACA-PT American Heritage American Celebrity Penn & Teller AUTO
Star Wars Galaxy 5 Jeremy Bulloch as Boba Fett AUTO
Star Wars Galaxy 5 Kenny Baker as R2-D2 AUTO
Topps WWE Heritage Chrome Ashley Massaro AUTO
Artbox Harry Potter Memorable Moments Clemence Poesy & Henry Lloyd Hughes AUTO
2010 Leaf Cut Signature Encore Aly Michalka & AJ Michalka (78 Violet) CUT AUTO
NP-GC1 Leaf MMA National Pride Gina Carano /25 AUTO
RK-GC Donruss Americana Gina Carano Ring Kings Cut /100 CUT AUTO
AGA-DB 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter David Blaine AUTO
Topps WWE Heritage II Chrome Michelle McCool AUTO
JCA-1 Topps WWE Raw John Cena (Triple H Redemption Replacement) AUTO
Artbox Harry Potter OOTP Robert Hardy as Cornelius Filch AUTO
Artbox Harry Potter OOTP Timothy Bateson as Kreacher AUTO
A-RT 2010 Topps WWE R-Truth Gold /25 AUTO
A-VA 2010 Topps WWE Vance Archer AUTO
AH-EA Topps American Heritage Heroes Ed. Major General Elmore Farrington Austin Spanish-American War Boot /700 RELIC
AH-KW Topps American Heritage Heroes Ed. 30th Infantry Regiment Uniform /500 RELIC
AH-WWII4 Topps American Heritage Heroes Ed. 12th Armored Division “Hellcats” Captain’s Uniform /500 RELIC
AH-WWII1 Topps American Heritage Heroes Ed. 11th Airborne Division Paratrooper Uniform /700 RELIC
2010 Razor Cut Signature Ed. David Boreanaz/Emily Deschanel (BONES) /1 CUT AUTO
Artbox Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood AUTO
Artbox Harry Potter OOTP Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood AUTO
SDCC09 Artbox Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood SDCC Oversized Card AUTO
SDCC Breygent Dexter Camera Strap RELIC
I11 TNA Icons AJ Styles Iconograph /50 AUTO
S-ED 2010 Topps WWE Edge Superstar Swatch RELIC
S-CM 2010 Topps WWE CM Punk Superstar Swatch RELIC
Holiday Pack Leaf Limited Inscriptions Ellen Page (on card) AUTO
2010 Rittenhouse Leonard Nimoy LLAP Promo AUTO
A8 Inkworks Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow Uncirculated UNCIR AUTO
Breygent S3 & 4 Ghost Whisperer Jennifer Love Hewitt SDCC AUTO

AGA-DT 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Darren Taylor AUTO

Razor Pop Century Ser. 1
SW-9 Razor Pop Century Bill Murray /20 SWATCH
SW-1 50 Cent SWATCH
SW-2 Adam Sandler SWATCH
SW-3 Ali Larter SWATCH
SW-6 Anthony Hopkins SWATCH
SW-7 Arnold Schwarzenegger SWATCH
SW-12 Brenda Song SWATCH
SW-18 Corey Haim SWATCH
SW-19 Courtney Cox SWATCH
SW-20 Denzel Washington SWATCH
SW-21 Drew Barrymore SWATCH
SW-25 Eliza Dushku SWATCH
SW-28 Harrison Ford SWATCH
SW-30 Jack Black SWATCH
SW-33 Jeremy Piven SWATCH
SW-39 Kevin Spacey SWATCH
SW-41 Michelle Williams SWATCH
SW-43 Morgan Freeman SWATCH
SW-44 Richard Gere SWATCH
SW-45 Russell Crow SWATCH
SW-47 Teri Hatcher SWATCH
SW-48 Tom Hanks SWATCH
SW-49 Uma Thurman SWATCH

Prominent Cuts Hollywood History
HH-7 Britney Spears SWATCH
HH-15 Harrison Ford SWATCH
HHP-20 Jim Carrey /50 SWATCH
HH-24 Patrick Swayze SWATCH
HHP-28 Anne Hathaway /50 SWATCH
HH-29 Kate Bosworth SWATCH
HH-34 Brad Pitt SWATCH

2009 Topps American Heritage Heroes Ed.
AHR-BD Bud Day Flight Suit RELIC
AH-WWII6 76th Infantry Division Uniform /500 RELIC
AH-WWII1 11th Airborne Division Paratrooper Uniform /700 RELIC
AH-WWI1 105th Machine Gun Battery Blanket /500 RELIC
HSFR-SSA1 Atlantis Payload Bay Liner /400 RELIC
HSFR-SSA4 Atlantis Payload Bay Liner /400 RELIC
HSFR-SSA5 Atlantis Payload Bay Liner /400 RELIC
HSFR-SSE2 Endeavor Payload Bay Liner /400 RELIC
HSFR-SSE5 Endeavor Payload Bay Liner /400 RELIC
HSFR-SSE6 Endeavor Payload Bay Liner /400 RELIC
HSFR-SSE7 Endeavor Payload Bay Thermal Blanket /300 RELIC
HSFR-SSC1 Columbia Payload Bay Liner /400 RELIC
HSFR-SSC7 Columbia Payload Bay Thermal Blanket /300 RELIC
HSFR-SSD2 Discovery Payload Bay Liner /400 RELIC
HSFR-SSD3 Discovery Payload Bay Liner /400 RELIC
HSFR-SSD7 Discovery Payload Bay Thermal Blanket /300 RELIC

HSFR-SL Skylab Wiring /750 RELIC

Various Part Deux
SDCC Breygent Season 3 Dexter Crime Scene Number Prop RELIC
SDCC Breygent Season 3 Dexter Camera Strap RELIC
SDCC Breygent Paranormal Activity Oren Peli (Director, Writer) AUTO
SDCC Breygent Season 3 Dexter Jimmy Smits as Miguel Prado AUTO
A27 Rittenhouse Xena Darien Takle as Cyrene UNCIR AUTO
Topps Heroes Vol. 2 Brain Kong “Hiro” Sketch SKETCH
AGA-AGA 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Anthony Gatto AUTO
AGA-JST 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Johnny Strange AUTO
A10 Rittenhouse Wild Wild West Sigrid Valdis as Miss Peacemeal UNCIR AUTO
CS-49 2008 Donruss Americana Rhonda Fleming Cinema Stars /100 SWATCH
CFC6 Artbox Harry Potter OOTP Hermione & Delores Film Card /260 FILM
CFC8 Artbox Harry Potter OOTP Draco Film Card /240 FILM
PC-WH 2009 UD Prominent Cuts Betty White /56 CUT AUTO

**Items in Dark Red are now FT only.
LF: Frank Oz Autograph

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I've added a few more to the bottom of the list & some have been switched to for trade only. I wasn't able to yesterday, so I'll get around to replying to PM's shortly. I'll also try and get prices up for the ones that are avail. FS.
LF: Frank Oz Autograph
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pm sent to you thanks.
Always Collecting MIA Dolphins, SF Giants (*Posey), Penguins, and SA Spurs.
Collecting Star Wars & Other Sketch Cards & Other Non-Sport.
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Hello Interested in the richard roundtree autograph 5.00 Delivered? if so pm me please thanks

Use Common Sense for some its harder then you think.
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Interested in Dexter items - PM scans if still looking to part..
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I see a bunch I like, do I have anything in my bucket you'd possibly want to trade for.
Go to "For Trade Section" at top:
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I'm very interested in the Kim k auto, please cmb all around and pm me
Twitter - @seth_murphy8
PCs - Cito Culver, Ryan Callahan, Ryan Nassib college uni, Prince Amukamara autos #/25 or less, Eli Manning autos, Richter/Messier/Leetch
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Are any of the cards above still FS?
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