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Default FS/FT Benchwarmer Soccer 2014

Willing to trade for Brandie Moses, Kayla Collins, Shawn Dillon, or Chelbie Lynn

FS/FT Benchwarmer Soccer 2014-box-1.jpg

Julianna Prada 2/15 Base SOLD
Sarah Stage 2/5 futbol SOLD
Katarina Van Derham 1/1 auto SOLD
Angela Fong Pink auto 2/25 $8
Jennifer Walcott auto $3
Malorie Mackey Inscription $25
Tiffany Selby auto $2
Syd Wilder auto $4

FS/FT Benchwarmer Soccer 2014-box-2.jpg

Maria Kanellis 1/2 Blue base SOLD
Marketa Jenska Pink auto SOLD
Maria Kanellis auto $3
Spencer Scott auto $4
Tra'shell Thompson auto $2
Sandra Taylor Pink 4/4 2 color swatch SOLD
Qianan Chase 5/10 kiss SOLD

FS/FT Benchwarmer Soccer 2014-box-3.jpg

Athena Lundberg Pink 1/5 base SOLD
Michelle McLaughlin Pink Pitch Perfect 4/4 SOLD
Malorie Mackey blue 5/5 auto SOLD
Marissa Ivana pink auto 2/25 SOLD
Lisa Gleave auto $2
Casey Durken auto $2
Cassie Cardelle auto $3
Shelby Chesnes 2/3 green inscription "wanna sweat it out" (yes!) SOLD

FS/FT Benchwarmer Soccer 2014-box-4.jpg

Angel Boris Reed 2/2 blue futbol $20
Kinni/Martin/Grace/Baena Quad auto pink 5/5 $20
Angela Fong pink base 1/5 $17
Buffy Tyler 25/25 pink auto $6
Pamela Horton 10/10 green auto SOLD
Miriam Gonzalez auto $3
Ryan Shamrock auto $2
Carrie Minter auto $2
Camille Anderson auto $3

FS/FT Benchwarmer Soccer 2014-box-5.jpg

Lisa Gleave 1/1 swatch SOLD
Melissa Riso 1/15 base SOLD
Katie Lohmann 23/25 pink auto SOLD
Candace Kita Inscription /5 $15
Alex Capriola pink auto 19/24 SOLD
Nikki Leigh auto $2
Melissa Riso auto PENDING
Jamie Hammer auto $2
Yancey Taylor auto $2

FS/FT Benchwarmer Soccer 2014-box-6.jpg

Melissa Riso swatch 4/5 SOLD
Stacy Fuson kiss 2/3 $25
Jennifer Korbin base 2/15 $15
Raquel Pomplun 25/25 pink auto $6
Sandra Taylor auto $2
Dylan Fitzpatrick auto $2
Heather Rae Young auto $2
Nikki Ziering auto $2

FS/FT Benchwarmer Soccer 2014-box-7.jpg

Ciara Price 4/4 pink futbol $40
Kassie Lyn Logsdon 3/3 green base $28
Jennifer Walcott 5/5 auto $10
Amelia Talon National auto $26
April Scott 2/3 green ball swatch $25
Carolyn Martin auto $2
Heather Renee Smith (O)(O) auto $2
Andrea Lowell (O)(O) $2

FS/FT Benchwarmer Soccer 2014-box-8.jpg

Miriam Gonzalez pink kiss 4/5 $35
Michelle Baena 7/10 Soccer ball swatch $30
Stacy Fuson 1/15 base $12
Michelle McLaughlin 22/25 pink auto $6
Jessia Burciaga auto $3
Tamara Witmer auto $2
Brook Moralas auto $3


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we are currently working on a solution so that the attachments display correctly
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Images can be found at Benchwarmer Soccer 8 Box Break
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Images are now working, bump this up
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daily bump
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