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Default Question on Harry Potter Boxes

My daughter started loving Harry Potter stuffs only this year. Weve been encouraging her to read books since she was 4 but she refused to. Only now she found the time to do so and she loved it specially Hermione . Anything Hermione right now she tries to save up and buy if she can. So i decided that this Christmas me and my family would gather and bust boxes hoping to find hermione's autograph and possible daniel radcliffe too. They love the characters i love to bust so i feel its cool.

Now onto my question

i checked out Artbox Entertainment and there are helpful images there to show which product is good to get a certain character

so as i am starting to buy off the boxes i saw these 2 boxes

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Factory Sealed Trading Card Retail Box | eBay


it says retail boxes and 8 cards and 24 packs ...

same as the update set


only shows chase cards

are there really retail boxes of these? or are they one and the same as the hobby boxes ? how would you know a hooby box from a retail box ?

i would appreciate help please
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I don't know Harry Potter cards at all but you might want to look through this

Jeff Allender's House of Checklists! All Lists
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Not really sure if there were retail boxes or not, or what the difference was (a lot of times retail won't have autographs, so it's important to figure out what is in each type of box). The other thing you have to be careful about is redemptions, since I think they are all expired now. Artbox did continue to fullfill expired redemptions until a couple of months ago but then stopped, so now you would be out of luck if you pulled a redemption.
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I've sent a PM hope it was helpful
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I have busted a lot of Harry Potter boxes especially leading up to Artbox's ultimatum on expired redemption autographs.

You will know it is a hobby box if it says to "look for randomly inserted autographs, costume cards, prop cards, cinema film cel cards" or something like that.

My wife was lucky to pull Hermione's autograph from The Half-Blood Prince.

You will find on that much of the autographs are redemptions from the various products.

Anything retail will not have autographs, costumes, props, or film cel cards. One of the products may have had some small costumes but that's it.

You can buy the retail if you want to open cards but you're not going to get anything except the chase puzzle cards.

If you do not mind expired redemptions, blowout cards has some harry potter hobby boxes to buy. I bought most of mine off of ebay and a couple of other smaller online stars. If you are interested in some, LMK over PM. Thanks.

Collecting all Houston Rockets players, current and former.
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Default Artbox Hermione Granger Costume Cards

If you're at all interested, I have a significant collection of Harry Potter Artbox Costume Cards which contain authentic costume material from the costumes worn during the films. Included in my collection are several costume cards of Hermione Granger in Near Mint/Mint condition. I have been selling some of my cards online and would be happy to talk with you about them if you're interested. Thanks, and good luck in your card search
Here are a few of the costume cards I'm referring to:
Attached Thumbnails
Question on Harry Potter Boxes-bocard4.jpg   Question on Harry Potter Boxes-bocard4a.jpg   Question on Harry Potter Boxes-bocard1.jpg   Question on Harry Potter Boxes-bocard1a.jpg   Question on Harry Potter Boxes-bocard2.jpg  

Question on Harry Potter Boxes-bocard2a.jpg   Question on Harry Potter Boxes-bocard3.jpg   Question on Harry Potter Boxes-bocard3a.jpg  
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